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  1. I have heard at the local courses they are starting to ban the use of the plastic tee's due to the "maintenance issues they cause"
  2. timbone03

    Used clubs

    I am a huge fan of purchasing my clubs used. The way I view it is like purchasing a new car. The second you take it off the lot you lost money. Do any of you buy your clubs used? Side note: I am very picky with my used clubs they have to be in tip top shape in order for me to buy them though.
  3. After watching the driver video I noticed two things. First your back swing is coming slightly past parallel, not by much. But I think you could try to shorten your back swing a touch, and I think this would give you more control. Second thing I noticed was ball positioning. I would move the ball more to the front of your stance. I have always been taught the ball should feel like it is coming just past your right ear. I also think by moving the ball forward your arms will become straighter with less break in your left wrist. With your swing these two things should give you a more controlled/straighter shot off the tee.
  4. I would call around, I am located in the heart of America. We get lots of snow but as long as the weather holds out and course is playable, most places keep the course open. Just an idea.
  5. I as well am cheering for the women this season. The men are just way to aggressive and angry. It's almost like watching the men of Jersey Shore playing golf.
  6. On the east coast, with colder weather approaching we all know that generally means snow is coming and the golfing season will soon come to an end. Just curious, so far this year, what has been your best shot? Mine was a tie between a drive on a short par four, from 315 yards, I got a hold of the ball and landed pin high about five feet to the left for an easy eagle putt. The second was another short par four with a huge drive ended up 20 yards left of the green, stepped up and chipped in the shot for eagle.
  7. Played 9 yesterday and shot 39 at Weatherwax (Valley View)
  8. Okay in case anyone was wondering, I figured it out, it was my swing not the shaft. After correcting the swing I have more control, accuracy and distance with the stiff shaft than I did with the regular flex. Operator error.
  9. Nothing good comes from either.
  10. I have a strange question and I can not quite seem to figure it out. Recently I switched from a Callaway FT-5 9.5 Neutral with stock Stiff shaft to a Taylormade Burner (2007) 10.5 stock Regular shaft. With the Regular shaft the ball went long and straight almost every time. When I attempted to hit the Stiff Shafted version (same shaft stats) of the 2007 Burner I sprayed the ball everywhere. I am not a big hitter typical drive is 260-280 depending on how I get a hold of it. To Note: My swing speed average is 108mph. My question is this, how come I hit the Burner better in regular than I do with stiff?
  11. BCS National Championship game rematch of last years Rose Bowl: OSU vs Oregon?
  12. I have to also say really work on your approach shots. To add something else though, the one thing that helped me was obviously figuring out your club distances. I spent many many hours hitting irons repeatedly figuring out how far each of them went. Also working different swings with each iron. (3/4 swing, 1/2 swing, punch, etc.) If you look in your bag the ideal situation is to have a full swing shot every time. Realistically that wont happen on the course, so you have to know each shot you could have. It takes a ton of practice but if you can bump that GIR up from 1 a round to say 5 or 6 a round, you will notice a huge difference on the scorecard. Also looking at your club list, do you have a gap wedge or do you go from pitching to 56?
  13. Rules are rules. It bothers me when I see someone use there foot wedge. .
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