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Your opinion.......please

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Hi there

I am from South Africa and play of a 12capper. I am in the market for a new set of clubs and I am looking at the following sets:

Cleveland CG16

Cobra Amp

I currently play with a old-ish set of clevelands but its now time for new irons. I am looking for a set that ads distance and forgiveness and irons that will improve my game. I am going to hit both sets and will see how they feel/hit.

Would like to hear your opinion.

Thanks for a cool forum.


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    • Finally Hitting Down on the Ball
      Hello fellow golfers, Recently spent a stack of money on re-tooling all my golf equipment and then knew in my heart-of-hearts that I just could not buy a golf swing.    So now my better judgement along with some urging from other golfers better than myself, I went ahead and took some lessons with a reputable Pro. I have confidence in this Pro. For 3, one hour lessons now we've been working on dropping the club down to complete a, " high to low swing." I had developed 30 plus years of sweeping the ball and now I am learning to compress the ball first with a swing that is concentrating on a finish that ends at my left pocket.  Lately I've been practicing my new swing in an in-door driving range on those dreaded mats.  I've been told to trust the swing with a finish on my left-front foot.   What I have noticed is that when done right the ball blasts off the club head effortlessly.  However, I have ALWAYS been prone to the full-on shank shot (you know, the embarassing chunk) and worry that with a swing that now descends on to the ball, this chunk shot of mine will become even more frequent. My question to you good golfers is: Could you plz describe ways to avoid the ground with the chunk shots and pick the ball clean. Thanks in advance for your thoughts, The Slapper....        
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      I think you seriously underestimate the difference in the level of dominance each had, when you lump them together as standouts of their caliber, because the calibers were not the same at all.  For the years 1997 through 2007 Tiger was the best player for every single year except 1998 and 2004, and for both 1996 and 2008 he was clearly the best player for the portion of the year he was active. You will find it a challenging task to find anything like that number of years for which Jack was the best.  He was always in the top 3 or so, but not that many years where he was the best.  That is why he has so many fewer POY awards and NO Vardons. Not only did Tiger have more years as the best player for the year, his dominance in those years was far beyond anything Jack ever did in HIS best years.  Tiger had winning streaks of 7, 6, and 5.  Jack's longest was 3 (which isn't even as long as Tigers 4 consecutive MAJORS).  There is the consecutive cut record.  The record setting winning margins in various majors.  The record setting margins by which his stroke averages beat his competitors.  
    • How do I organize a charity tournament to be a raging success?
      26 and a stroke? Holy smokes. Very sorry to hear that.  I have no idea how to organize a tournament but I have played in my share. The best ones are scrambles where you can organize your own team. The outcome has rarely ever mattered to us as long as we were well fed. Find a local restaurant (usually a bbq place) that wants to help you out and give a discount for advertising and spend your money there. Everyone will love to come for a good meal. Some nice prizes and maybe a raffle with some local companies offering you something if you are able to convince them it is worth it to give something to the cause.  Another thing I have seen work well is a silent auction at the end with donated items. I donated airline miles of which I have tons and 100,000 miles went for $205. Free gift for me and the cause got $205. 
    • How to eliminate blowup holes
      Haha - I get a couple of reputation points for a post and then go and have a blow up hole. Good drive, left myself 145 in down hill (8i), aimed #deadcenter, pulled 2 shots 25 yards left out of bounds, made 9 (+5) in a 9 hole round of (+11). A better way to avoid blow up holes - play stableford!
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      Come on now, that's a bit uncalled for in Bernies case.  His political ideals might be way left, but he is at least honest and virtuous.
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