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dave s

RocketBladez irons mini review

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New clubs year.  Received the Rbladez combo set consisting of the new Stage 2 #4 and #5 hybrids and 6 - AW irons.  First decent early spring day here in NE Ohio.  60 degrees and pure mush outside for hitting surface.  Took a bag of balls, the PW and 7-iron for a test-drive.

Interestingly, here's a comment from Golf Digest Hot List from one of the RocketBladez testers:

"Shots just hang and hang in the air without you having to generate any extra boost."

It was mushy, the ground muddy and slippery.  Had to reign in swing and just try to make good contact.  My swing has shortened over the years (52 now) and my normal ball flight is a lower-trajectory right to left bender that chases onto the green.

What I think about the RocketBladez 7-iron after hitting about 100 balls with it:  "Shots just hang and hang in the air without you having to generate any extra boost."  Really.

Honestly, I've never hit shots this high that hung in the air this long and went this straight.  The 20 or so that were flushed went straight with the slightest draw.  The ones I caught on the outer half of the blade (my usual mishit) hooked a bit more, but still hung in the air a long time and went a reasonable distance compared to those hit well..  Couple of random really bad swings pushed the ball right with only a slight fade.

When conditions improve, I'll get the whole set out for an extended test-drive and expand on the review if anyone is interested.  My goal this year is to improve the middle part of my game as much as possible.  With the new Rbladez hybrid/iron set and some solid practice, breaking 80 might be in the cards this season.  Kinda runnin' outta time, if you know what I mean!

Thanks for looking.



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Originally Posted by iacas

You should post the review on the product itself:


Will do and thanks for the link.  I was looking for it.  I'll wait until I can do a full test drive of the entire set, then do a real review.



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