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left arm at impact?

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How important is it to keep it straight at impact? Alot of long hitters seem to let it bend, just wanted to get opinions if any single digit guys or teachers around
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Re: left arm at impact?

Although it is mechanically correct, there are certainly ways to swing a golf club efficiently without keeping the left arm straight at impact. I believe the most significant example is Retief Goosen, who strikes the ball with a relatively loose left arm at impact. Although it may cause inconsistencies in ball striking for some players, there are far more vital fundamentals that account for consistent and accurate ballstriking.
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Re: left arm at impact?

I havent seen him on a swing vision in a while but Lee Westwood's left arm used to be significantly bent at impact. However, he is the exception. I would say shoot for a straight left arm (not rigid of course), if its fully extended that makes for a more predictable impact.

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