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I'm looking for a good gps-system and from all the systems I came across, these 2 are the ones I'm looking into the most.

I think the Golfbuddy Platinum is the one I verge to the most because of the touch screen and no annual fees. Of the 60 courses in Belgium, they have 10 in the full layout mode. The Skycaddie SGX has none in the equivalent Holeview mode for my area.

My question: is the accuracy of the GolfBuddy on par with the Skycaddie? It seems to me that Golfbuddy gets their course-info from sattelite images, whereas Skycaddie has someone walk the course, and is therefore more accurate?
I'm also under the impression that GolfBuddy will be able to rapidly update their courses because of this procedure.
Last question: does GolfBuddy give as much info on hazards as Skycaddie for the basic courses ( not the full layout or holeview mode )?