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Louisville, Ky - Nearest Open Course

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Forecast for Sunday in Louisville is 44 degrees. May still have too much snow on the ground here to play. Willing to travel up to 2 hours or so to get in a round. What is the closest open in this area?
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I have to believe most of the munis will be open. Talked to a guy at Golf Galaxy that said he had some buddies that played Seneca recently in the cold. I think Glenmary is likely open, and most of the tracks in Southern Indiana should be good too (Covered Bridge, Champions Pointe, Hidden Creek, and Wooded View). Of course they are all going to be a bit soggy, so I'd look into the Fuzzy courses for drainage reasons alone.

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Thanks Villegolfer. Will probably head to Covered Bridge tomorrow and get in a round. May try Nevel Meade Sunday as it seems to have good drainage as well since it's built on the highest land in the area.
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Is there snow on the ground down there?  Up here we have at least 3 inches and no golf.  I'd play if I could. 

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Looks like you need to go to another state.

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Got incredibly lucky here in Louisville today. Temps were 55 degrees and all the snow is gone until next week at least. Home course was open for play and it was great to be able to get out. Was all but going through withdrawal systems from not being able to play. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40's so maybe I can get in another 18 holes before the ground turns white again.
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Glad to hear you made it out. Hopped on at Shawnee with a few buddies around 12:30. Hadn't been out for over two months (since a debacle at Chariot Run). The course was surprisingly dry and snow free. Hopefully my next round isn't another 2 months away!

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