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Golf Ball recommendation

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Hello Everyone,


    Still kind of new to the sport and all so please if these questions seem really stupid I apologize in advance. I was at my local pro shop today and being that I have been out of the loop for awhile and have recently got back into the game I have noticed there are a lot more choices of golf balls now. My questions is what are somethings to look for in a golf ball that might help my game? I currently and using a 9.5 degree Taylor Made Super Fast Driver, my woods are also Taylor Made Super Fast, and I have a set of Tommy Armour 845a Irons with the 3 and 4 iron being Hybrids. I know it's not the best equipment that money can buy but for just getting back into the game it does okay.  I am using Nike Crushes right now but I don't know really if I am benefiting from using them or not. I really want to maximize my game by using the right equipment that suits my game. I never knew in today's day in age that Golf ball selection was so important. So when you guys buy golf balls what are some questions you ask yourself or what are some things you look for? Thanks for all the advice in advance. -Jess


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Tell us about your game do you want distance. Straight off the tee. More spin. I've been using the bridgestone e6 for years. Nice ball keeps your shots on target. Now I've improved the e6 rolls too much on the green. I play the srixon q star and I love it. I would recommend that or the bridgestone e6. Go to the Bridgestone golf website check out their golf ball online fitting it will ask you questions about your game and will recommend you a ball. Or can also try the top flite gamer v2 cheap ball and good. I prefer the srixon q star and I've tried a heap over the past 6 months.
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Well to be completely honest I am in no way a pro or anything.  I just really play because I have a lot of fun when I do. I hit great off the tee. Driving is my strong point. I use the Red Nike Crush right now because I still have a slower swing speed. I swing roughly 93mph and don't accelerate when I come down. I'm not really confident to "Get on it" per say. I drive the ball pretty straight for the most part but I do have a small draw back to the right at times. What other kind of info do you need? I would like a ball when I hit the green that has control mostly. I'll look into the Sirxions.

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Sounds like you are doing just fine with what you have. Lessons and regular practice will assist you on your way more then a particular type or brand of golf ball. However, check out the Bridgestone E5 and E6...medium priced balls that are popular. I have put the Titleist NXT Tour S in play right now and find it gives me good distance, feel around the greens and is in the middle price bracket. Hang in there.

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Like you I also use the Nike Crushes, for a couple of reasons. 1) I like the price of them, I can usually find buy 2 get one free at Dicks. 2) When I was slicing a lot they didn't go too crazy and now that I'm not slicing they go really straight. I've tried other balls including the BS e6 and didn't see much of a difference with that one compared to my Crush so why spend the extra money. After trying other balls I always end up coming back to the Crush and have always been happy with it.

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I work in a pro shop in England and see loads of different balls on the market, TBH after trying quite a few the usual suspects are always near the top i.e. Pro V1, Callaway Hex Tour. But for me one of the best balls i have used is the Bridgestone golf series both the E series and B330 are fantastic and they come in cheaper than competitors so you cant go wrong.

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