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Golf draw

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I take a group of 20 golfers to Australia every year to play golf . We play 8 games over 10 days generally up the sunshine or Gold coast. My dilemma is the draw. I have been doing this for about 14 years now and always have a problem with the draw. We play against a different person every day, which is the easy part, the hard part is  trying  to work it so that the same people are not in the same four any more than necessary. I can get to about  4  days when this works OK but after that is when the problems arrive.

I have heard there  is  a computer programme that will do it, and wondered if anybody out there has heard of it or worked it out. I put this same question on another site but did not get a reply, so I guess its not that easy.

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for a fee you can get one here


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probably should add that i have never used them and have no idea what they are like. I only found them through some google searches

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Thanks Rayzorr. That is exactly what I have been looking for

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