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Nunchuk xi iron shafts review.....

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So....after playing project x iron shafts since their inception i've been stuck on them. I thought nothing could shove them out of my bag. Long story short, with horrible driver control, i switched my big stick to a tour edge exotics xcg5 11.5 3++ fairway. It seemed logical. I always played better with smaller head drivers......think lynx black cats, or original big bertha with a steel shaft. Or even further back persimmon woods that i grew/learned/gamed.....
The TEE proved its value, it is longer than any 460cc ive tried and way way more accurate. On passing through my fitter's store, i noticed the Nunchuks on the rack last year. I've normally always pulled my stock driver shafts into an aftermarket and found the aftermarkets to play better. So after a little though i said "what the hell" and tried a nunchuck driver shaft. Well, there has been a ton of debate if the shaft is legit in the claims. I feel it performs amazing. If what inventix says is bunk, doesnt matter. I found my drives longer and straighter. I'm surprised when i miss a fairway at this point. Mishits are still very good, for some reason even if you slash one or chunk it a bit, you still get a decent shot. No shaft or club can make up for a bad swing, but when you arent flush, i certainly believe the nunchuck helps. I ended up with an xcg5 4 wood, also with a nunchuk, then pulled my kb hybrid shaft for a nunchuck hybrid. The nunchuk hybrid shaft also performed beyond expectations. So i started nagging my fitter about iron shafts.....come to find out they were in development and nearing release. Being nervous to leave the px 5.5s when the nunchuck xi's became available was a tough move. My first switch was my 5 iron and 9 iron.....i figured try a long iron and a short iron. Being a stout shaft i was skeptical about the feel and controllability in shorter touchy iron shots. The initial test results blew my mind. We ran rumbers with the px's rested for a day then installed the nunchuk xi's and ran new numbers. I picked up a full club length, in carry and overall distance. My dispersion tightened up. I intentinally tugged my shots left and got consistant distance, roll and carry. The graphite has an amazing feel, much like feedback of steel, but less shock. You can still feel mishits and get feedback but nowhere near the reverberation of dg's or px's. this surprised me. Even the short irons felt great. I found with other graphite shafts i have tried in the past, you loose the feeling of a shaft being "substantial". The nunchuks are smooth and substantial, normally you have to make the trade somewhere. Not with these in the least. There isnt a huge sense of loading and unloading but if you get past that, these things are buttery. My 9 iron picked up spin(10%) and my 5 iron launched lower/same spin, more distance......these shafts are definatly not like anything you have ever swung, but after 10 contacts, its a (wow! :light bulb click on:) i put them in my 4 iron through 9 iron....my advice, try these things, forget the claims, forget assumptions. Just go in with an open mind and give these a shot. Im pretty sure these are going to take off. I'll have some pictures up shortly. They are very classy, just a small burgundy graphic on a matte silver finish. The current appereance of these shafts is far away from the protos so forget the first pics you saw. Go.....try....even if you dont like them, you will appreciate what these guys have made.

I have no affiliation with inventix, gerry or any other component company. Im a recreational golfer.......
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Just to add on, i'm not a big hitter. I've been told my swing looks like im clubbing a seal....sorry PETA. I swing hard and admit my swing is inefficiant. The good thing is it is repeatable and the scores come in just fine. I think these shafts help club head stability quite a bit. Oddly enough my 62 year old father in law with an 85-87mph driver swing speed stripes my xcg5s just fine......as does my wife that qualifies with noodle flex. If she played more, she stated she would switch.

My average drive is 240-250...
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I switched my driver shaft to the nunchuk. About 14 rounds ago. I'm not sure I like it. It's heavy something like 110 grams. I also lost distance and dont see my shots any straighter. I talked to a few people and everyone had pulled it out after playing it. I think this shaft Is going to see a similar fate. Sad to say especially since they are not cheap!!
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It is heavy but its counterbalanced. I think it "feels" in the 70gram area. Not being argumenative, i've met a little over a dozen that reshafted with a nunchuk....only one switched.

Also heavy isnt such a bad thing, there is plenty of proof that lighter isnt always better.....sorry to hear you and your friends had a bad go at it....
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The driver/wood version is 104 grams....

I dont think the shaft fits everyone, it can work for anyone. I suppose any shaft can work for anyone.

I have a suspicion the swings it feels and performs best for are fast tempo and/or violent and/or fast transitions and/or "hard swingers"
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My average swing speed is 110-115. I dont think thats a problem.
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Swing speed isnt everything.....my reference to tempo, transistion, how hard(effort) etc wasnt about head speed at impact, but in different ways a shaft can be stretched or distorted with different swing styles. If you swing agressively in a downward steep angle, i think physics would say the club head gets distorted in a different way than a slow back swing, slow transition and wide arc.

There are people i know in the 95mph swing speed that fair the best with an x flex than a stiff or reg....they all have comoact violent swings and the x keeps them more online, tighter dispersion and more distance.....
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How was the pricing in comparison to other iron shafts?


As for issues with the driver shaft, I find that some people didn't follow the recommedations of the inventor and hence didn't get the best performance out of the shaft.  For instance, the inventor states that the optimum length for the driver shaft is 43.5 or 44" and definitely not over 44.5".  Shorter for a wood.  I see a lot of people playing it at their normal 45.5 or even more and they are surprised when they don't get the results they expect.


At the same time, it's not for everyone.  It did great things for me though.  I have mine at 44" and my 3 wood at 42.5".

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I guess that blows a hole in their " one size fits all" theory. My shaft Is 44" I think its a bit over rated. My uncle Is a pro and warned me about them and I fell for the hype. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't nearly 2 bills for the thing.
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The price point is around 75 bucks a shaft. Which for a premium graphite iron shaft is in the middle price point, Oban and matrix are over 100

I believe the shaft CAN work for anyone, but not everyone will like it. Many people find it only puts them in more fairways....a really good thing. Fairways provide more roll out....hence more distance.

Does it fit anyone sure....does everyone like it no....kinda like Veggies...good for everyone but not everyone likes them
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I just saw the articles come out from the pga show.....im kinda surprised on the negative feedback so far...
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Let me clarify...negative feedback that responded from my review, im surprised at......all around ive found any nunchuk user really has been really happy! i was not refering to pga show articles......those look great......people ive spoken to that just tried these things love em...

Its weird people either love em and keep em, enjoy them and play them, or just come up with a reason to shoot down a new idea different from the rest.....and hate it cause a pro or friend told you to......

If you loose 5 yards but hit 3 more fairways a round ? .... Worth it...look at scoring stats for missed fairways.......girs...etc

Golf is much like firefighting in many aspects for old school depts.......150 years of tradition completly unimpeaded by progress

New ways of thought and abnormal ideas are only blocked by those that cannot accept change and people who fail to open their minds.....

Its a new idea and design......lots of good golfers have scores and numbers to prove it. People that are used to a standard load/unload might not get it after a few swings......throw one nunchuck in an iron......slam away on a real turf range......i swear you will get it......i was a chronic tryout shaft guy that always fellback on px's. my scores got better when i switched.....and i like golf more......

The people ive spoken to regard the driver/wood or 370 hybrid.......the iron xi's perform just as well if not better.

My body is torn to shreds, graphite was a submission but these shafts rock.......just spend 75 buck in an iron and get a bucket...these shafts sell themselves
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Thanks for the review, it appears that you are the first one to do so anywhere online.


I cant wait to get a set of these iron shafts. You have said the sort of things that I needed to hear.   I won't be trying them out though,  just jump straight in, mainly as it will be harder to source the shafts in AU.  I should mention that I fit the perfect profile for the nunchuck.  Short light stature, old mans body,  Driver speed 95mph, dont load it,  slow tempo.  Unfortunatley I did not lose distance with it in my driver so I must have done something wrong.  I'll get my fitter to make the same mistakes with the iron setup.

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I think this is the only bit of info online.....im glad i could help
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Just had a private message arguement with someone regarding these shafts......bottom line.....you dont tip them, never, ever tip these. They are a butt trim only.
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Why would anyone tip them?


Surely anybody that buys this unique shaft, already knows all about it, otherwise they wouldnt pay the price.  Which means they must know the characteristics, and the clear instructions that Nventix and Hogan are so adamant about.

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I agree, the fitting instructions are clear....

The biggest thing i tell people with these shafts is.....clear your mind, its a different breed of gear......we are so used to tinkering with other shafts its hard to stop. Even the best shafts, depending on your swing need to be tipped, trimmed and cut the rightnway/length/method/or whatever your can think.

Inventix has given us a product that when installed properly, takes a ton of guess work out of the install. Im not speaking of guess work on the fitter's side, but consumers second guessing pro fitters.part of the nunchuk appeal to me is the confidence that i know that the variables have been removed and its ready for me to game. Its trimmed to my length, in my head, with my grip.....lets rip it and enjoy the game.

Since i started using nunchuks, i started getting more cofindence, and better scores and even on bad days.....the bomber go for the par 5 in two is more fun and a better option.

My scores have gotten better as more of these shafts hit the bag.....proof enough for me....

That and my drives on a TEE 3++ 11.5 fairway sail past my regular playing pals drives......they didnt with the stock shafts........the nunchuk does....

Instead of a crap shoot gong for the par 5s in two, im getting home more often than not on that second shot.......and instead of wondering i expect it

Some great golf guys and fitters have said the inventix nunchuk doesnt work, but then say they havent hit it ....ever......when there is a product as unique as this you have to try it before you have an opinion.....
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Where did you get your shafts from, and did you pay RRP?

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