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Optimal Launch Angle and Shaft

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I've been taking lessons for the last month which helped a great deal, and yesterday was the first day the instructor gave me the green light to hit the driver so I can test things out using the same principles.  First swing was at 110, then I got more and more comfortable with the swing and started getting into a grove.  My question comes around how to lower ones launch angle without sacrificing the things one has been working on, and what that launch angle is.


My average distances with those swings were about 270 yards of carry, but I think with a bit more refinement, I can get more out of it. 


The other question is the driver I was testing I was using a stiff shafted driver, and he stated im in that grey area between stiff shaft and x-stiff shaft.  Could that be having an affect on launch angle as well (forgive my ignorance, but i've always played a stiff shaft and this is the first year i'm really paying attention to investing in equipment).  Thanks...




photo 1.JPG 87k .JPG file


Club Speed:110.6   Ball Speed:149.8  Launch Angle:15.8  Backspin:2583



photo 2.JPG 85k .JPG file


Club Speed:115.4   Ball Speed:152.6  Launch Angle:18.6  Backspin:3807



photo 3.JPG 88k .JPG file


Club Speed:114.1   Ball Speed:152.6  Launch Angle:17.5  Backspin:3099



photo 4.JPG 91k .JPG file

Club Speed:118.8   Ball Speed:153.3  Launch Angle:22.1  Backspin:3102 

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Were you hitting range balls or something? There's no way you could average 270 carry with that low a ball speed. Even your best numbers shouldn't carry much over 250. 270 total maybe. Professionals on trackman average a 112 mph swing, 165 mph ball speed and 269 carry, with about 290 total, and they're fitted to get the most carry they can for the most part.


Your swing speed is really quite good, but your ball speed is pretty below average for that fast a swing. You're swinging the club faster than half of tour players, but hitting numbers most tour players get with a 3 hybrid. Either you're making really poor contact or something's up with the measurements.

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I agree with lucius on the numbers. really high swing speed for an amateur but it doesn't really add up to make much sense. There must be some discrepancy with the balls used or the trackman or something like that... 


Also, if you are carrying 270, I would forgo working on more distance and only focus on accuracy with all your clubs... if you really do hit 270 carry, distance should be your last concern atm, imo. 

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I was at the PGA Superstore and using the balls they had in the bays, so im not sure what make and model the balls are.  Im actually going to head over to Golfsmith this weekend for a club fitting and see what they say, and then do the same but at the other PGA Superstore in the area.  I want to see if I get the same results or different ones.  I didnt realize the ball speed was considered low, but in researching the internet for Tour players ball speeds, I definitely see what both of you are saying.  I'll get tested again and also get tested for a preferred ball and see what combination works best.  Thanks for both of your inputs as it's helping to open my eyes...

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