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Precept Laddie X

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Does anyone else like this ultra-inexpensive ball? I found one at my home course one day and put it it my bag, then tried it maybe a couple weeks later. It felt really good off the clubface, so I looked into getting some more and discovered they're dirt cheap. I picked up a 24-pack at Walmart for a little over $20 and have been very happy with them. In all candor, I don't do a lot of thinking about golf balls - if they're in decent condition and feel good to me at impact, I'll play them.


Tonight I was in my local K-Mart and found them on sale for $11.94 for a 24-pack, so I bought two. I should be set for balls through the summer. Yahoo!

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I went through a ball fitting phase with a launch monitor and found something very interesting.  They all go about the same distance and spin nearly the same.  If your shot is super consistent ball to ball may make a different on full shots.  I pick a ball based on how I can spin it around the green and what it costs now.  My current choice is a Calloway Hex Pro sold by Costco for $26.  I believe it has a urethane cover.  Plays like a Pro V spin wise for me.

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i found at a local sports store have a dozen ram balls for 4.99, and they sometimes go on sale with 25% off. i love these balls when i'm practicing or when i haven't played in a long time.
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