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Ping ISI BeCu iron purchase.

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Hello, I am picking up a set of Ping ISI BeCu Irons this weekend 3-PW. I found them on Craigslist and I am paying $125 for the irons. They are dirty but not hacked up, grooves look new, but they are tarnished to hell. First question is, do you think the price is good. From what I have seen on completed sales on Ebay it looks like I am getting a steal. Not sure if Serial #s match but I will find out Saturday. Second question is I have read differing opinions on the best way to clean them. Everything from Coke, Vinegar & Salt, Ketchup, Tarn - X, Bartenders Friend, Brasso etc, I would like to remove the tarnish and get I nice polish to them. Any ideas are appreciated. 






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the best way to clean them is to play them . If you are looking for a set to show then brass-o works very well on them

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Sorry Snofrog, but I could have a car that could get me from point a to point b yet look nasty and ugly, but with a little elbow grease could shine in the sunlight I would do it every day as opposed to driving a dirty nasty car.  I feel the same about my clubs.  These clubs I just bought looked like ASS when I picked them up. But a 20 minute soak in a vinegar/sea salt mixture and a quick scrub with a Scotch Brite pad and these things looked almost as if they were just off the Pro Shop floor. 45 minutes and about $8 is all took to transform these beauty's. To hell with all  you guys that think "Patina" has some kind of magic. That is just ridiculous. 



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WOW. Those look really frickin good. Nice job!

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I was gonna suggest Mother's Mag and Aluminum wheel polish, but what you did is a lot faster. Don't try the Mother's --you won't be able to stop. The clubs look great and you stole them by the way. I am weird in that I would clean them at first and then let some of the patina come back.
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I was inspired by this story and dipped my isi's today, photos show the before and after. Vinegar and salt is definetely the way to go after trying coke a few years back, just do as the OP says!

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