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My Swing (jamesb36)

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My irons have been missing right, sometimes 20 yards right or more.


I saw my club pro, and he told me I was lining up with slightly open shoulders, causing me to come across the ball. I was also lining up with my hands to far in front of the ball and my hands weren't rolling over through impact. With him there, all of my problems seemed to instantly disappear.


Since then, I've played a couple rounds and been to the range a couple times with limited success. Filmed myself practising today with an 8 iron. The two shots I hit while filming were actually pretty good, but maybe some of my flaws will show anyway.


First shot was 150 yards, about 5 yards right of target. Second one was 150 and on target.



Since my lesson, my shots have straightened out somewhat, and some even have a nice mild draw to them... 


Unfortunately I'm still struggling to break 90. I get in trouble off the tee and my short game needs work. In my head it seems like it should be easy to play consistent bogey golf but that's not the way it goes...


Any help would be appreciated. 

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Wouldn't this thread be more appropriate in the My Swing section?

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