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Handicap reduction advice

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This weekend I shot 92 of a handicap of 27.1, giving me 65 net.

Our SSS is 68 (par 69) so I was -3 differential. I got cut 3 x 0.4, total 1.2 down to 25.9.

My question is that during the round I had 3 triple bogeys, and my understanding is that for handicap purposes you only count a maximum of 2 over par for each hole. To me this should have given my a -6 differential and cut me 2.4.

I asked the handicap committee and they say they only make such adjustments in a review at the end of the season. Is this correct? I want to challenge them and get my handicap cut to reflect my overall golf minus a few bad holes.

I play in the UK
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As I understand it, had you been shooting over par, and your score included the three triples, they'd only have counted as doubles when they came to calculate increasing your handicap. But they don't apply that rule when your handicap is already being cut because you are shooting negative figures.


Which makes sense, when you think about it. If, when calculating your handicap reduction, they not only took account of your low score but also insisted on eliminating several of your poorest shots, we'd all quickly end up with handicaps we couldn't possibly play to. Remember that your "overall play" includes bad holes as well as good ones. 

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^ that does make sense, thanks

My 65 actually won the comp, so I'm expecting some bandit comments this weekend from other members
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