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Handicap reduction advice

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This weekend I shot 92 of a handicap of 27.1, giving me 65 net. Our SSS is 68 (par 69) so I was -3 differential. I got cut 3 x 0.4, total 1.2 down to 25.9. My question is that during the round I had 3 triple bogeys, and my understanding is that for handicap purposes you only count a maximum of 2 over par for each hole. To me this should have given my a -6 differential and cut me 2.4. I asked the handicap committee and they say they only make such adjustments in a review at the end of the season. Is this correct? I want to challenge them and get my handicap cut to reflect my overall golf minus a few bad holes. I play in the UK

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As I understand it, had you been shooting over par, and your score included the three triples, they'd only have counted as doubles when they came to calculate increasing your handicap. But they don't apply that rule when your handicap is already being cut because you are shooting negative figures.

Which makes sense, when you think about it. If, when calculating your handicap reduction, they not only took account of your low score but also insisted on eliminating several of your poorest shots, we'd all quickly end up with handicaps we couldn't possibly play to. Remember that your "overall play" includes bad holes as well as good ones.


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^ that does make sense, thanks My 65 actually won the comp, so I'm expecting some bandit comments this weekend from other members

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    • Damn i thought i might be sliding my upper body forward because of the near shanks   i'll try and get someone to video my on course on Sunday if i cant get down the range tomorrow but will try tomorrow, im guessing face on would be best?
    • I love saving $$ on clubs and I think I do a good job of it - but a full set of anything decent for $300 is a tall order!  In my opinion, though, if you're playing with a "starter" set and you got them for $180 . .. new clubs are your highest priority - even more so than lessons.  Just my opinion, of course, but you need some reasonable clubs.   If I were going to put together the cheapest bag I could - I would definitely go with used clubs.  I would definitely not have 14 clubs . .and I'd still spend slightly more than 300.  I'd definitely go with a used set of irons.  Something fairly decent, less than 10 years old . .should cost me right around 300.  That still leaves me needing a putter, wedges, woods, etc.  Personally . .I'd keep whatever putter you currently have . .that will save a good hundred bucks or so.  I've been using the same putter since I was 12 . .love it.  For wedges . .I'd just get one . .to save $$.  Get a 56 degree sand wedge with a decent amount of bounce.  IE - truly a "sand" wedge.  For woods . .I'd either go with just a 3W . . or, as I currently have, a driver and a 4W.  You can get a decent used driver for under 100.  So for me - I'm thinking the best I could do for a "full" (full-ish) set of clubs would be right around 425-450 . .and that's IF I don't buy a putter.  But those clubs would be functionally as good as just about anything out there and I  would expect to enjoy them fully for 5+ years . .at least.    Good luck!  
    • I feel like the quoted section is similar to what they say about a lot of balls. And it doesn't take much scrolling on their site to get to reviews done in 2013 and 2012…? Reviews on GolfWRX are mixed (it made their front page). One guy doing a float test said they were more inconsistent than other balls (the ball fell to the same position far more quickly than other balls). I've seen little to dissuade me of the idea that they're a "good" but not "great" ball which, for a buck and a quarter and a bogey golfer, is a great thing. I'll tell some buddies about them. P.S. The nearest Costco to me is 90 miles away.
    • Guest Brian
      If there are multiple scores of the same I thought the position for the next round was decided on their ranking - so a player ranked number 4 in the world would be placed higher than a player of 5 or worse.
    • I have the 2014 model. Great little 13" laptop. Runs really well. 16 GB, 512 GB. I'll play with @saevel25's briefly when he shows up next.
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