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Driver Fitting

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I recently was somewhat fitted for a driver. Basically the only place where I live I can hit a club before I buy it has a golf simulator. I hit two drivers and the guy who works there told me which one was best for me. What didn't seem right to me was my ball speed was anywhere from 155-170 and the simulator says that was good for 260 yards. My longest drive was 279 and that was with a ball speed of 171 mph. Is that accurate because I went to the driving range afterwards and was crushing the ball but can't tell how far because farthest flag was 250 yards.

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@jballard388 , If your ball speed was correct at 170mph then you could maybe squeeze you 10 more yards with optimal launch numbers but for a 155-165mph ball speed then that would be a good carry distance.


A good tool to play around with is flightscope optimizer, it lets you plug in some launch numbers and see what happens! 



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