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I tried writing in a diary when I was younger, didn't last a week. I despised Gordon's rule in college classes. Why write about crap I don't care about and what I'll likely hardly use in real life. 

I guess I never really appreciated anything I was supposed/forced to write about.


I can waste a 40hr work week reading and commenting on TST, so why not give blogging a chance. I can talk about golf goals, my swing progress, and my ultimate goal of winning my club championship and competing in an Arkansas State Golf Association tournament in 2016, without having to track down threads here and there. Seems the blogs get plenty of feedback as well.

So, I signed up for Evolvr. Posted some swing videos before Thanksgiving and got my "lesson" video back. Excited to try something different that the pros at my club don't really offer. Its hard to see the little things with the naked eye. I need to turn my hips more. Without even seeing my ball flight my instructor knew I hit it off the toe and created the gear effect and therefore creating my severe hooks. It only gets worse the longer the club gets. If its sunny and above 40* I'm going to be working on my swing. Lucky enough to have my office outside the gate of my country club, so I can put in a solid 40 mins a day 3x a week, on top of my 2-3 rounds of golf. 


Maybe I'll keep this going...but I don't think Ill ever be expert that @mchepp is

Entries in this blog


Nothing to play for

There have been 2 or 3 threads lately of guys that are getting burnt out on golf, or don't know why they are still playing. I cant say I am at that point, as I still average over 120 rounds a year. I guess with my hype of getting ready for the US Mid Am and my Club Championship this year, I've been so focused on the goal. Well, now that those have past, I am simply playing to play. Have some fun. You never know what "winter" will be like in Arkansas. Last year we had 1 day where there was a very light snow that melted the next day, so golf improvements over the winter were pretty possible. The year before last we had 4 or 5 days were the area shut down since there are no snow plows to clear the 4-5 inches we got. It was damn cold for a long time. Ill continue to keep up with evlovr monthly hoping to come out in the spring ready to fire some great scores. The good news is, the best time of year is starting. Cooler temps & thinner rough are fast approaching. No more helping people search for balls in the rough on every hole, and literally grip it and rip it without much worry of missing the fairway. Fall golf is great. Setting my sights on 2017 and overall improvement. Very proud of the 2016 season, but ready to turn the page on this chapter in golf. 




Taking my practice more seriously

There is a course here locally in Northwest Arkansas called The Blessings. I dearly want to be "blessed". Super exclusive club that only has 100 or so members, but is where the University of Arkansas golf teams practice. I saw on the ASGA website that the 2016 US Mid Am qualifying is being held at The Blessings. I instantly thought, "I'm in! I can finally play that awesome but super, super hard golf course" 7500 from the tips 77.7/148 rating/slope. Unfortunately I am an 8 index, and in order to even be eligible to qualify for the US Mid Am you have to have a max handicap of 3.7. I've been between a 7-9 index that last 2 years and quite frankly, have been complacent. I'm better than most guys I play against, but I want to play in more serious state and regional tournaments. Win my club championship. Excel at the game I love.  I signed back up for Evolvr (awesome) and have been working on getting better at practicing. If I practice correctly, I will eventually play better. I have a pretty good attitude when it comes to the ups and downs of golf. Triple? Oh well. Move on. Need to make 2 birdies so its only really a bogey. I've been with Evolvr about 4-6 weeks now and at first I was confused. My mind and body were not connected because my practice sucked. I thought I could make a swing change by simply doing a few drills and then getting right back to full swings. Shoot....how hard can it be to change a swing that has been engraved for 7 years and thousands of swings? Hard. Very damn hard. I became very frustrated. I was spending 5-6 days a week with a club in my hands and making minimal progress. Then @iacas reminded me of the 5 S of practice. I wasn't doing the Slow part... This last week I put in time, worked hard. Even went to the range for 30 minutes only to hit 10-15 balls. It showed. Since the 5/1 revision my handicap shot up from a 7.3 to an 8.6. Then Wednesday I shot an 81 from the blended tees. (6.7 differential) Lower than my current handicap, so if I kept this pace up I would eventually have a lower index. Then Saturday I shot a 78 from the men's tees. Came out 41 on the front and a 2 over 37 on the back with a bogey bogey finish. Things are clicking. 5.9 differential. Handicap was estimated to come back down to an 8. Today, from the blended tees I shot 77 with a 40 on the front and another 2 over back 9. 3.4 differential. Index is projected to be a 7.5 if I dont play again before the 15th. Things are going in the right direction. I dont care if I come out in the US Mid Am qualifier and shoot 90. The course, after all, is going to be extremely hard. My goal for 2016 is to be good enough to just get there. Play that awesome golf course by earning it, and compete.  Lets see how this goes. 





So I have always enjoyed smoking cigars when I golf. Profile pic, duh. Coming from Tampa, FL, (Ybor City) we had some pretty nice options.  Recently I put a TV on my patio and am purchasing some outdoor furniture. I thought, "man, I would love to enjoy a cigar on my home patio while watching golf at night" So I built a small coolidor and it didn't turn out how I'd like, but we will see when my humidification devices arrive. If that doesn't work out I can always spend a little extra and get an actual Spanish cedar humidor. I've read of several guys saying they outgrow their humidor very fast, but I'm not a collector. Not sure how those guys can sit on thousands of dollars of cigars and not smoke them.  My wife isnt really thrilled. I understand the risks, but its something I enjoy every once in a while. 



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    • I was fortunate enough to play with three accurate players this week, one of whom was @tlazzol (sorry Terry, but yesterday's round was impressive to watch). I'll get lucky and hit a green now and then. For these guys - and I assume every other good player - hitting greens with irons and fairways with a driver is just how they play the game. I don't get many opportunities to play with good players. I'll can almost count on one hand the rounds I've played where watching someone else's shots just left me shaking my head in amazement, and two of them occurred this week.
    • The putting, the short game, and the 300+ yard drives that the pros hit are impressive. But the ability to hit a green from 230 yards is, to me,  the most impressive skill they have. I realize they don't show all the misses on TV, but those guys seem so good at hitting targets. It's very easy to forget this and to become fixated on why we can't do it every time.  
    • I would definitely have the pro laying up to 70 yards in almost all circumstances. All my money on team A all of the time. And short game is identified as a glaring weakness in my game.
    • This assumes a dead straight shot. Agreeing with you here @iacas that it is even harder than it looks if you're accounting for a golf shot not being dead straight (like they are), plus wind. Amazing.


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