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I tried writing in a diary when I was younger, didn't last a week. I despised Gordon's rule in college classes. Why write about crap I don't care about and what I'll likely hardly use in real life. 

I guess I never really appreciated anything I was supposed/forced to write about.


I can waste a 40hr work week reading and commenting on TST, so why not give blogging a chance. I can talk about golf goals, my swing progress, and my ultimate goal of winning my club championship and competing in an Arkansas State Golf Association tournament in 2016, without having to track down threads here and there. Seems the blogs get plenty of feedback as well.

So, I signed up for Evolvr. Posted some swing videos before Thanksgiving and got my "lesson" video back. Excited to try something different that the pros at my club don't really offer. Its hard to see the little things with the naked eye. I need to turn my hips more. Without even seeing my ball flight my instructor knew I hit it off the toe and created the gear effect and therefore creating my severe hooks. It only gets worse the longer the club gets. If its sunny and above 40* I'm going to be working on my swing. Lucky enough to have my office outside the gate of my country club, so I can put in a solid 40 mins a day 3x a week, on top of my 2-3 rounds of golf. 


Maybe I'll keep this going...but I don't think Ill ever be expert that @mchepp is

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Nothing to play for

There have been 2 or 3 threads lately of guys that are getting burnt out on golf, or don't know why they are still playing. I cant say I am at that point, as I still average over 120 rounds a year. I guess with my hype of getting ready for the US Mid Am and my Club Championship this year, I've been so focused on the goal. Well, now that those have past, I am simply playing to play. Have some fun. You never know what "winter" will be like in Arkansas. Last year we had 1 day where there was a




Taking my practice more seriously

There is a course here locally in Northwest Arkansas called The Blessings. I dearly want to be "blessed". Super exclusive club that only has 100 or so members, but is where the University of Arkansas golf teams practice. I saw on the ASGA website that the 2016 US Mid Am qualifying is being held at The Blessings. I instantly thought, "I'm in! I can finally play that awesome but super, super hard golf course" 7500 from the tips 77.7/148 rating/slope. Unfortunately I am an 8 index, and in





So I have always enjoyed smoking cigars when I golf. Profile pic, duh. Coming from Tampa, FL, (Ybor City) we had some pretty nice options.  Recently I put a TV on my patio and am purchasing some outdoor furniture. I thought, "man, I would love to enjoy a cigar on my home patio while watching golf at night" So I built a small coolidor and it didn't turn out how I'd like, but we will see when my humidification devices arrive. If that doesn't work out I can always spend a little extra and get



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    • Simple rule that worked for me Grip it and Rip it! Then a 1 putt
    • Interesting topic. I appreciate the science of the golf swing. It impresses me the knowledge espoused on this site from the clearly scientific thinkers. That was never my strong point. Not that I don't "get" it, or understand what is being said but I do believe there comes a point where it gets to much. I'm more of a visual learner so that may be part of it. I tend to learn seeing what @iacas or @mvmac are trying to say as opposed to reading a post on it. The great thing about this site is that
    • I don’t mind wind/rain but soft muddy conditions mess with my iron and wedge contact.  Lots of fat or short shots!
    • Definitely a mudder, truly evens the game out for me and I don't mind the weather at all, some of my playing partners fall apart when the rain starts to fall!
    • There were lots of potentially contentious situations in the old rules, and probably a similar number under the new rules.  The knee-high drop doesn't seem to me like it should be contentions, you have the same amount of leeway you had in the old rules.  

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