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So I have always enjoyed smoking cigars when I golf. Profile pic, duh. Coming from Tampa, FL, (Ybor City) we had some pretty nice options. 

Recently I put a TV on my patio and am purchasing some outdoor furniture. I thought, "man, I would love to enjoy a cigar on my home patio while watching golf at night" So I built a small coolidor and it didn't turn out how I'd like, but we will see when my humidification devices arrive. If that doesn't work out I can always spend a little extra and get an actual Spanish cedar humidor. I've read of several guys saying they outgrow their humidor very fast, but I'm not a collector. Not sure how those guys can sit on thousands of dollars of cigars and not smoke them. 

My wife isnt really thrilled. I understand the risks, but its something I enjoy every once in a while. 


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Man, I miss smoking cigars. Arturo Fuente Short Stories were my favorite. Speaking of Ybor City, isn't there a Fuente distributor down there?

Anyway, I took up pipe smoking a few years ago and cut back on the cigars. I used to love to light one up once or twice a week.

I haven't smoked anything since June, but there are days when it's tough not to say "#$@ it" and go buy a pouch of pipe tobacco or a good cigar.

I hope the coolidor works out for you.

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Never smoked, and I don't plan to really. I know a few guys who will light up a cigar on the golf course. My Uncle will just chew on one a bit while he plays golf. 


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No indoor smoking in Ohio anymore, so it's going to have to get warm out before I enjoy my next cigar.

Cigar collecting (and thus outgrowing humidors) is for people a heck of a lot richer (or at least less frugal) than I am. One of the biggest tobacconists in the state is a mile away from work, but when I buy its one or two at a time.



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I'm a big fan of cigars, but can only handle them every so often. For me, a perfect cigar night involves a few of my college buddies sitting around a fire pit with some cigars and a good scotch. Scotch, cigars and good conversation go really well together, lol.

I'll occasionally smoke one with my dad on the golf course once every few months. But beyond that, I leave them be. The price you have to pay (that foul taste that can linger in your mouth the next day) is just too great for me to justify making a habit out of it.


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It is true that it becomes easy to outgrow your first humidor. My advice is to buy at least a 150 count humidor that is built solidly. Cigar smoking does not have to be an expensive hobby if you know how to do it and where to buy quality cigars. Let me know and we can duscuss sometime and maybe even share a few smokes as i am also in Tampa

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Ill be in town in March for a week long golf trip. Coolidor is holding steady at 70% RH and 71* in the house, so I'm happy. First batch of sticks comes in this week. I think I can fit about 100 in the coolidor, but I don't see myself buying much more than that. Had two on the course yesterday and it was great. 

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    • I just hope it’s not snowed out! Damn North.....
    • We disagree because we know the facts here. Though the clubs weigh very little, they generate tremendous outward forces on the hands. Grip the club lightly at all and it flies out. The force is around 100 pounds. When you’re swinging Alina around you are holding on to her much tighter than when she’s walking next to you, generating nearly no forces on your hands. Feel ain’t real man.
    • Very cool.    If you want to upload a video, submit it to Youtube first.  
    • I have to eat some humble pie, but I’m not afraid to out myself here.  I played SO badly this round. Didn’t even score one hole, after I reached 12 strokes.  I haven’t played this poorly in a long time, but I’m undeterred. I will move past this.  All the course management in the world couldn’t help the swing I had yesterday. I literally put an 8 iron mere feet from OB off the tee on one hole. An 8 IRON!!!!! Here are my excuses, in no particular order: Started on 18, because of being with a large work group, social outing, all teeing off together.  I hit too many balls on the range the day before playing, and developed blisters, due to.. Grip and swing changes that I tried to implement, but certainly didn’t have grooved by the day of my round. I had too many swing thoughts in my head on the course (see above). I was paired with two people who had never ever played before, even once, and required (and received) basic swing, etiquette and basic rules instruction from me. I had to leave by a certain time to return to work, and was therefore pressured to finish on time.  Pace of play was very slow for everyone. (5+ hour round). Was playing on a military course in Japan, which allows local guests. The polite thing to say is that the elderly Japanese golfers in several groups directly ahead of us were... ‘deliberate’. I talked so much trash on here about my course management plan, and failed to implement it on numerous occasions because... I hit bad shots with my ‘safe’ clubs, and thereby lost confidence in all clubs, and so I even hit driver a few times, (predictably) badly, late in the round.  And most of all: I wanted to do so well, so badly! I psyched myself up and out of this round before I started. The positives were: I had a string of four 5’s in a row, and was definitely playing well enough during that period. I putted decently. Didn’t make any putts outside of 6’, but only missed 1 or 2 inside of 6’. I hit one drive with my 5w 230 yards or so, and dead straight.  AFTER I hit my 8 Iron next to the woods to a severe side hill lie off the tee (see above), hit an approach well short (of course), duffed a SW 5’ (yuck)... AFTER all that.. I hit my next SW stiff to 2” from about 50 yards, and tapped in for a 5 on a hard, short par 4.  I got to play golf!  As neither a positive, or an outright negative, I confirmed that I’ve developed a consistent one way miss with my irons: a hook. Or as I call it an ‘overcooked draw’, LOL. (Starts straight, or slightly pulled, then curves left, and more left.) This ‘shot’ has almost always been in my bag, but today it’s almost all I seemed to hit! Now I have something specific to correct as I practice.  The quest continues. Next time I’ll make sure to put myself in position to play well, and to keep the pressure off myself.  I’ve not given up on my course management plan, and I already bought the LSW book. It hasn’t arrived yet. Hope to get it and read it before my next round. Would already have it read if it was available on Kindle, (hint, hint).  Good luck to all!         
    • I live in Upstate so no I'm not. The PGA at the Black is an absolutely different story all together.
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