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After the permanent closure of my home golf courses, this is a blog about what direction I want to go in from here.  

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How Stuff Has Turned Out

Following the Club Championship experience, I decided to ease off considerably. Golf really wasn't enjoyable. Too much time stomping around the "natural area" looking for another slice or pull. Even just the business of counting up the strokes, penalties and lost balls was mind-numbing. There just really wasn't a point. So after that July Sunday, it was time for a change.  First, came two weeks off with no rounds or visits to the range. Then, I visited the range on a particular Thursda




Club Championship - Round 2

The 5W plan started well Sunday morning, but stuff progressively got worse as we went along and the back nine was another train wreck. Kind of like yesterday I started decent with pars at 1 and 2 and scrapped my way to a 45 on the front. Resorting the 5W kept those balls in play on the front, but left some really long seconds. Some dodgy work with the wedge and few less close misses with the putter and it could have been better. But the back nine had two major blow-up holes and really not a

Club Championship - Round 1

I started with a birdie and ended with birdie. .. In between was total, unrelenting horse shit. The whole plan this weekend was to hit the 3W off the tee. It seemed ok on the range in my warm up, I got away with a push on No.1 and made birdie with really solid 5W and 8I shots. Then everything fell apart. Went OB three times before I started hitting the 5W off the floor. Ended up with a 102. True to advertised, these guys who entered this Club Championship are definitely players. The bo




Feeling Chicken

So if I'm going to sign up for the Miami Shores Club Championship, I got two days to do it. Between the new home course, Covid and other assorted lame excuses, my rounds played are way off from normal. I've gotten out a few times and met some of the guys. Most of them have been very nice. But ... playing in this thing sounds a bit scary right now. For one thing, I'm playing even worse that normal (as if normal wasn't bad enough). The driver has been removed from the bag now. I can keep




Ralph and Bob

After missing them last weekend, I managed to track down Ralph and Bob Saturday. We played both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. A gregarious 70-year-old, Ralph was only a once in a while player, then he retired and became a full-time player. Like me, he's a bit of hack. That makes us a good pair in the shared misery sense if nothing else. His normal routine seems to be playing nine holes in the early afternoon, going home and coming back for another nine in the evening six days a week. As s

My Money Is on Its Way, Now, Another Decision

An e-mail from the City of Dayton suggests I should be receiving my refund very soon. So that brings up a question. What do I do with it? The original plan, when a full slate of KHMA events was presumably going to occur, was to spend the cash for a combination of lessons, shoes and a driver. Well, we got the new shoes last Friday. Soon the golf budget will have the cash to buy the driver, but does blowing that money on a driver still make sense? It's almost June. I've got absolutely no

A Brush With Minimal Competence

Between golf course closures and Covid, the whole business of hitting a golf ball solidly has suffered. Really any spring is a bit of starting over for me. In past years, I'd be grinding things out at Kittyhawk in late April and early May to put together some sort of workable swing by the time the summer started. Obviously, that's simply wasn't possible. The sporadic rounds I was able to play were chock full of miss hits and improvement has been slow to come.  At about the same time th

A Decision Made

Stopped by Miami Shores GC, Troy, OH yesterday evening, filled out the form and paid the money and now have my shiny yellow membership card. Once reassured that most of my money will be refunded by Dayton, Miami Shores was an obvious choice for all the reasons in my previous post, but I really did consider my options thoroughly.  The thought of simply bouncing around to various courses instead seemed like a good idea for a moment. Playing new courses or ones I haven't seen in years sou

The Leader In The Clubhouse

A visit to Miami Shores yesterday affirmed its position as the number 1 option. While selling me range balls, Club pro Kyler Booher confirmed for me that they are still selling their partial memberships. Doing the rough math, the pass justifies itself after the 25th round. A full membership would require 75 rounds before that would pay off. It remains a concern how often I'd be able to get out. Miami Shores was stem-to-stern again yesterday and Kyler said that only two tee times remain

Picking Up The Pieces

Needless to say I was very angry when I heard the news of Kittyhawk being closed permanently last week. Then certain people kind of hit a sensitive button for me. Let's call it my money button. Anytime I feel I'm getting done over, my reaction is over-the-top rage. As it turns out, some of that may have been unwarranted. I communicated with the City yesterday and was told that refund proposals were in the process of being mailed out. Not sure what the proposals will be, but it sounds like i
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    • Tell him the same thing we'd tell teammates after practice when they shaved their scores down when they played a shitty round. 103? 103? that sounds about right if you stopped counting on the 15th hole
    • He's your brother? Punch him in the nuts, tell him to stop cheating, and then schedule your next round together.
    • Exactly what I was thinking. He may hate me for it for a while, but if he’s gonna be on the team, he needs to start playing by the rules. 
    • It’s time for you to introduce him to the rules and etiquette of golf before this becomes a habit. The sooner the better. Sure, no big deal if he is only planning to be a casual golfer,  but if his intention is to eventually make it on the team, he needs to be honest about his scores and start practicing telling the truth now. 
    • I would just let it be. If he hurt his leg and it was just a casual round, then I do not see the issue really. Does he turn his scores in for handicap purposes? I play with guys that do this all of the time. It doesn't bother me. My thoughts are that they are out enjoying playing. Not all of my friends are sticklers for rules; they just like being out there on the course. In the case of him doing this in a match as part of the team, sometimes you just have to allow people to make their own decis

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