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About this blog

After the permanent closure of my home golf courses, this is a blog about what direction I want to go in from here.  

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My Money Is on Its Way, Now, Another Decision

An e-mail from the City of Dayton suggests I should be receiving my refund very soon. So that brings up a question. What do I do with it? The original plan, when a full slate of KHMA events was presumably going to occur, was to spend the cash for a combination of lessons, shoes and a driver. Well, we got the new shoes last Friday. Soon the golf budget will have the cash to buy the driver, but does blowing that money on a driver still make sense? It's almost June. I've got absolutely no




A Brush With Minimal Competence

Between golf course closures and Covid, the whole business of hitting a golf ball solidly has suffered. Really any spring is a bit of starting over for me. In past years, I'd be grinding things out at Kittyhawk in late April and early May to put together some sort of workable swing by the time the summer started. Obviously, that's simply wasn't possible. The sporadic rounds I was able to play were chock full of miss hits and improvement has been slow to come.  At about the same time th




A Decision Made

Stopped by Miami Shores GC, Troy, OH yesterday evening, filled out the form and paid the money and now have my shiny yellow membership card. Once reassured that most of my money will be refunded by Dayton, Miami Shores was an obvious choice for all the reasons in my previous post, but I really did consider my options thoroughly.  The thought of simply bouncing around to various courses instead seemed like a good idea for a moment. Playing new courses or ones I haven't seen in years sou

The Leader In The Clubhouse

A visit to Miami Shores yesterday affirmed its position as the number 1 option. While selling me range balls, Club pro Kyler Booher confirmed for me that they are still selling their partial memberships. Doing the rough math, the pass justifies itself after the 25th round. A full membership would require 75 rounds before that would pay off. It remains a concern how often I'd be able to get out. Miami Shores was stem-to-stern again yesterday and Kyler said that only two tee times remain

Picking Up The Pieces

Needless to say I was very angry when I heard the news of Kittyhawk being closed permanently last week. Then certain people kind of hit a sensitive button for me. Let's call it my money button. Anytime I feel I'm getting done over, my reaction is over-the-top rage. As it turns out, some of that may have been unwarranted. I communicated with the City yesterday and was told that refund proposals were in the process of being mailed out. Not sure what the proposals will be, but it sounds like i
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