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Ralph and Bob




After missing them last weekend, I managed to track down Ralph and Bob Saturday. We played both Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

A gregarious 70-year-old, Ralph was only a once in a while player, then he retired and became a full-time player. Like me, he's a bit of hack. That makes us a good pair in the shared misery sense if nothing else. His normal routine seems to be playing nine holes in the early afternoon, going home and coming back for another nine in the evening six days a week. As such, he's sort of like the mayor of Miami Shores and knows just about every regular there. The one strike against him is that he's a bit slow. He'll stand over his ball and waggle in slow motion, take the club back equally slow and just when you think it will never happen, whips the club down and through. 

Unlike us, Bob is a player. Appearing to be in his late 50s or early 60s, Bob plays from the tips and is in the fairway so much that you'd think he'd get bored. He had more birdies and pars than bogeys and I doubt he had more than a single double.

For myself, it was two rounds up to the new normal standards of hacking, a 94 and a 96. It was the usual suspects that did the most damage, driver and wedge. I was really pleased with how well I hit my 5W and irons. Those kept saving par a possibility on a lot of holes until my regretful short game scuttled that. Then there were a couple of blow-up holes to boot. The worst of the lot was No. 9 on Sunday. My tee shot on this longish par 4 was a freak slice that almost looked like it spun backwards towards the end of its sad, short flight. Then I misjudged a punch shot under a tree branch. The shot stayed under the tree branch ok, but I clobbered it through the fairway and into the junk. When the smoke cleared, it was the dreaded snowman on the scorecard.

My game isn't ready for prime time yet, but it looks like I got some guys I can play with from time to time. That's a start.



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3 hours ago, CarlSpackler said:

Weren’t these the balcony guys from The Muppet Show?

Common. You should know that was Statler and Waldorf. Honestly, those SOBs are too mean for me to play golf with.

"Why do we always come here? I guess we'll never know. It's a kind of torture to have to watch the show."

4 hours ago, Double Mocha Man said:

Gotta love Ralph and Bob.  Everyone needs an R & B, the camaraderie is about the same... the names just change.

In this tee time desert, you better believe it.

It's a good set for me. I play like Ralph and want to play like Bob. It's a good round with those guys.

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Having a regular game or group is a comfortable situation. I do not enjoy searching around for 2-3 acquaintances to join me.  We all have busy lives and roping together a group for golf can be a bother. Hope this works well for a long time for you.👍 

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    • Really?  Knowing the name of the caddy would spoil the podcast for you?
    • Day 1: Aftermath of wife's company end of year celebration on Tuesday put my plans on hold, so trying again, again, again or whatever. Worked on backswing - focus on width and depth, with a little bit of toe-up feel. Did this indoors because it's starting to rain, used mirror vision to check on things (need to do this more often/always).
    • Played the back nine again at Minnesott with my son and my friend who’s working back from nerve injury to his right hand (numb little and ring fingers).  He’s contemplating larger grips so we brought a couple irons - one midsize, one jumbo.  He hit a few with each and said he could feel the clubs in his right hand better.  He’s going to work with a fitter about the best grip for him.  How did the round go?  It was a bogie kind of day - one dbl, two pars and six bogies for a 44.  Hit 5 of 7 fairways, the drives were finding the short grass today.  Not quite the same on the par threes, caught the tee shot with heavy 9i on 12 to nearly pin high, but right of the green. Pitched the 58 over the bunker as the pin was tucked tight.  Two putted for bogie.  The other three, 14 was a 6i flushed that landed ball at the back of the green and bounced just off.  Bumped the 50 to get the ball close - not close enough for a one putt par, but rather a two putt bogie.  While it wasn’t the up and down saves for par, felt the overall game was consistent today.  Best highlight was that there were only 18 putts - no three putts today!  
    • Day 23 (08 Dec 22) - Played the back nine today at Minnesott with my son and my friend who recently moved back to the area.  Drill work is paying off as I continue to see more consistent shot results. 
    • I didn't know the gaps were going to be that big when I ordered the kit. The installation instructions as far as mounting them were pretty lacking, I'll do some more research and see if I can find how others have mounted it but I'm not sure how much closer I can get them to each other based on how big the brackets are and how far the brackets/motors stick out from the ends of each tube.   Edit: I did just realize I could make the side screens roll up on the insides rather than the outside like they do now which should help close the gaps some
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