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About this blog

I played a few years in my 20s.  Self-taught.  Got down to about 13.
Lost interest and have not played in 20 years.

Decided to play again, and am back to shooting 100+.

My initial goal is to break 100.   
And then break 90, if interest sustains.

I will document the process here.

Entries in this blog


Walked 18 holes. Shot 92.

Just walked 18. The pace was perfect. 4 hours to walk.  I was worried I would hold people up, but my group was walking, and so were the people behind us. Really worked out well. Being able to walk is a total game changer. 5 mile walk makes it feel like less of a huge waste of time, LOL. I am of the old school of thought. Proper golfers don't use those silly toy carts.  Carrying my bag for 18 started to get uncomfortable on my shoulder, and a bit clumsy, so I will invest in a push cart. As f

Tried to Bring My "Smooth Tempo" and "No Hero Shots" Mentality to the Course.

Played 9 holes and tried to bring my "smooth tempo" and "no hero shots" mentality to the course.  +2 +1 +2 +0 +1 +1 +1 +0 +2 = 46.  I was not hitting consistently, but my errors were straight. Good damage control, with my worst holes at +2. Pleased with the result.  Smooth tempo makes my misses all good. Thin an iron and it still is on the fairway, etc. I did not hit a single trouble shot (but many layups) Had a nice flop shot with little green to work with. Also had a decent bump

Lesson #3. After More 5 & 3 Irons, I Tried Hitting the Driver.

Lesson #3 Wanted to continue the theme of "smooth tempo" and just reinforce reps with lower clubs.  Hit a bunch of 5i and 3i, with the same tempo with on 3i and PW. That was a huge mental leap that I never made back in the day.   3 irons, I'm not getting the classic loft, but the balls are going straight.  And I am hitting a many pure balls in the sweet spot Mis-hits are also going straight, which is good.  I hit driver today and was making clean contact on some balls.  Dr

Lesson #2. I'm Doing This One Thing Better Than Ever.

Lesson #2 Today, I focused on: 1) smooth tempo. As the clubs get lower/longer, I tend to think I need to generate the distance by swinging harder. Today, I swung every club like it was a wedge. Hit the 5i and 3i smooth as butter, and no jerky muscling.  I let the clubs to the work, and the result was crisper contact, longer distance, and straighter balls (even when off-center)  and  2) keep the wrists not tight.  Loose wrist will flip over naturally at contact, but next lesson,

Lesson #1 After a 20 Year Break. This One Thing Was Still as Good as Ever.

Lesson #1 Got some fundamentals back into my head.  Squared up my address.  My natural stance was slightly open. Now, I just close it a bit, and I am square. Keeping club face vertical/closed on takeback.  Trying to loosen up and release wrists at contact. Like whip cracking the wrists at contact area. I tried to transfer the "smooth whip, snap the wrist" mindset to the longer clubs.  Like most rec hackers, I think I have a tendency to muscle/jerk the long clubs, i

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