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Lesson #2. I'm Doing This One Thing Better Than Ever.




Lesson #2

Today, I focused on:

1) smooth tempo. As the clubs get lower/longer, I tend to think I need to generate the distance by swinging harder. Today, I swung every club like it was a wedge. Hit the 5i and 3i smooth as butter, and no jerky muscling. 
I let the clubs to the work, and the result was crisper contact, longer distance, and straighter balls (even when off-center)  and 

2) keep the wrists not tight.  Loose wrist will flip over naturally at contact, but next lesson, I will think about that more explicitly.

3) and start the downswing with the hips. That allows some wrist lag.

I also kept the ball mostly in the middle of my stance for PW, 7i, and even 5i.
5i was maybe a ball towards the front foot, but nothing extreme like inside heel of front foot




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