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Lesson #3. After More 5 & 3 Irons, I Tried Hitting the Driver.



Lesson #3

Wanted to continue the theme of "smooth tempo" and just reinforce reps with lower clubs. 
Hit a bunch of 5i and 3i, with the same tempo with on 3i and PW. That was a huge mental leap that I never made back in the day.  

3 irons, I'm not getting the classic loft, but the balls are going straight. 
And I am hitting a many pure balls in the sweet spot
Mis-hits are also going straight, which is good. 

I hit driver today and was making clean contact on some balls. 
Driver was going low, but straight. Some were dead straight.  
If I am honest with myself, I could never hit driver in the Big Bertha era.
With Rocketballz, I could finally hit a driver, sometimes.
With smooth tempo, I got a taste of consistently ok drives.  Very pleased!

For a new tweak, I de-lofted the club at address, and moved my hands ahead of the ball. I think this gave a feeling of a descending blow; by de-lofting, I was hitting crisp and getting a tad more loft, ironically. 
Still thinking of starting the downswing with the hips to induce wrist lag, and I was hitting some pure balls. 

Overall, quite pleased. And I am experienced enough to not expect this to translate directly to the golf course.

Going forward, more of the same.
Smooth tempo, hip rotation, etc

I am already smart about not making stupid decisions.
I can lay up with 7i from 220 and not go for the low risk 3W into a green hazard

Used to shoot 80's
Now, I shoot 100+

Goal is to break 90, or at least play the irons game like that.  
I know the short game will not come back so quickly, if ever.



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