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A blog about golf, weight loss, and other extraordinarily boring topics. 


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Efficiency, Community, and Winning and Losing

I've been thinking a lot about efficiency, specifically as it relates to art. Below are those thoughts, with a little expansion on theme.  These are all half-baked text conversations I've had with friends lately.  * * * * * I watched a clip of director-writer James grey talk about how studios only making comic book/franchise movies essentially got people out of the habit of going to the movies and would lead to the eventual downfall of the industry And it got me thinking about a h


jbishop15 in Thoughts? idk

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    • Thanks! I've been meaning to write more parts to this blog but it's been really busy at work and I've been really tired lately for some reason. I sent him a text before I even made it to the parking lot 
    • Very heartfelt congratulations on being the winner of the WAMPCNCGC. I have blogged in the past about my various efforts, including MY win at the O&ECOLSSF. It feels good to win. You rightfully are excited about this milestone. A lot of people play golf. Some play in competitions. Only a few actually go all the way and win. Let @iacas know you have earned the Tournament Winner badge!
    • Pretty much spot on. I like it because it allows for a wide range of movements that are unique to the golfer to allow them to feel athletic.  For me,   1. Better than it use to be 2. Not as good 3. Pretty good   
    • Quick update. Foot felt better than in forever today.  Came home and did a full treadmill workout,  ok, it was beginner level, slow and virtually no incline, but I did it. For the first time in ages I hit all of my FitBit goals. Only time I felt any discomfort was while on a decline. I feel like I turned a corner, all thanks to my PT guy and some Kinesiology Tape. 😀 let’s hope I do not pay for it tomorrow.
    • Well, I got insanely busy and fell behind on my Evolvr & 5 minute daily practice in less that 2 weeks. I even skipped my 1st week of league, that has never happened.   I need to be more disciplined! Therapist this morning decided to try something new.  He added some kinesiology tape on the foot & ankle.  That was about 8 am.  By 10am I was feeling a whole lot less pain. 😀  
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