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A blog about golf, weight loss, and other extraordinarily boring topics. 


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Designing a Golf Club IV

I did it. Putter head complete. This design is called Cazador Mustang. Cazador meaning Hunter in Spanish (my high school nickname), and Mustang being my high school mascot.  This design was milled from aluminum in Georgia, by PrintForm. It’s my dads father day gift. I need to paint the logo and the words and that top arrow and then it will be done. I have a shaft from GolfWorks that I’ll be epoxying soon, and then I’ll be installing a grip. I can’t wait to give it to my dad!

Designing a Golf Club III

I've updated the design.    Aesthetics - Turned the rectangular cut-out into a half-moon - Removed the lettering and left the logo   Practical - Cut the putter width from 1.5 inches (I think) to 1 inch to cut weight from the design - Added 3° of loft to the front of the putter, up from 0°   In the first image, there is a blue line coming from the center of the putter. According to the in-program CG function, (thank you for the idea @boogielicious

Designing a Golf Club -- Part II

So, I've finished an initial design.  I used the autoCAD program freeCAD to draw most of it, and the image editor program Inkscape to import the more demanding designs, like the geranium and the American flag. It took me about a week of learning the program to get comfortable with it.  Not a complex design, but I am happy with the result. I haven't decided where I'm going to make an injection mold, a sand mold, a metal mold, or just CNC mill this first putter for testing. If I CNC it,

Designing a Golf Club

Over the last few months, I've become interested in designing, manufacturing, and building golf clubs. I do not have an engineering background, nor any special aptitude with physics or math, so this could be a short-lived venture! I do think I have an idea for a putter, though, and I'm going to build it and test it, both on course and at a putt lab.  After that, or perhaps during, I'm going to try and cast some iron heads. I've got a design for those, too, but I'm going to have to get

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