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Designing a Golf Club III



I've updated the design. 



- Turned the rectangular cut-out into a half-moon

- Removed the lettering and left the logo



- Cut the putter width from 1.5 inches (I think) to 1 inch to cut weight from the design

- Added 3° of loft to the front of the putter, up from 0°


In the first image, there is a blue line coming from the center of the putter. According to the in-program CG function, (thank you for the idea @boogielicious and thank you to @saevel25 for pointing out the CG issue), the CG is in the direct center of the head. 

Cutting that half inch of solid weight made it very easy to get the putter head into normal limits. It sits at 296 grams on its own, which is a little light, but with the shaft and grip I plan on putting on it, it'll be right where I want it. 

As I said before, I'm on a good path.

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 3.36.19 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 3.37.13 PM.png

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FWIW my putter weighs 616g all together. Grip, shaft, etc. about 200g out of that. 296 is light.

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1 hour ago, iacas said:

FWIW my putter weighs 616g all together. Grip, shaft, etc. about 200g out of that. 296 is light.

It's definitely on the light side. From the research I've done, putter heads tend to fall between 290-340 grams, with the heavier end becoming more and more common. I like a lighter putter, but if I were to make this in larger quantities, I would probably add about 50 grams back in. 

I'm tooling around with a version that has an aluminum insert and a much bigger body, so that I could get more mass in the heel and toe, but I want to finish this iteration first 

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