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This is a blog about early retirement.

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Retirement golf - 6 months result

It has been exactly 6 months after I retired.   Here's what happened to my golf after I have retired.  I have been playing 5 - 6 times a week.  However, a simple majority of the rounds have been less than 18 holes.   I simply quit when I get too tired, get hungry, etc..    Being able to play everyday, I don't feel I need to finish around. With more time, I thought I'd get warm up before a round but I don't.   I feel I can learn more by playing.  Instead, I go to range practice when




My golf schedule/plan in retirement

Before retirement: Practiced on weekdays for average of 60 - 90 minutes at home, and range. Did golf specific workout on Mon, Tue, Thur, and Friday. Played 2 rounds on weekend.  Played about 125 rounds in 2015. In retirement: Practice 3 times on weekdays for average of of 90 - 180 minutes at home, range, and/or in field. Do golf specific workout for




Saying goodbye to peers & employees - the last days at work

24+ years in the same company and I apparently made some friends.   At least 4 different farewell lunches were done or coming up.  A few more to be scheduled before 12/24/15, my last day at work.   Who said there are no free lunch in life ? At least two people have shed tears.  I simply don't know how to act when I see tears in people's eyes.   I become speechless ... and deeply touched.   There have been a stream of people coming to my of




Left workforce for good - hardest thing I ever did

Well, today, I walked up to my boss and told him that I am retiring at the end of the year.   I turned in my resignation but it was more than that.   I kissed goodbye to work, period.  For many reasons, that was one of the hardest thing I had to do in recent memory.  It took a lot of convincing on my part. I worked since I was 14 for 29+ straight years.  I studied hard, got into a good school, majored in Computer Science, and worked my butt off for many years to c




Retiring early - why, how, who, when

After working 39 years since I was 14 years old, I am about to leave the work force for good.  The org. I work for has been always a politically toxic place led by a sociopath and his equally bad underlings (my peers).   For the last 2 years, I have been conning myself that I need to put up with the BS to pad my retirement fund to travel the world, play the best golf courses, eat the best food, i.e., live in style.   But the BS bucket is now full.  I can't stand another day of work.  I am mental



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    • At my home course they do it for you.  They move every set of tees up in the Winter... they get it.  Less hard on the ego that way... 😁
    • I play year round and our course has pretty good drainage. We get wet conditions where they don't allow carts on the fairways and the iron shots are pretty iffy. If you are playing at a distance that makes it no fun to play try going down to the next tee box. That could make the difference. When it gets pretty sloppy I go down one tee box and it makes the course close in distance to when we play in the summer. I only do this on the holes that in the summer are fairly long for me not the shorter
    • Simple rule that worked for me Grip it and Rip it! Then a 1 putt
    • Interesting topic. I appreciate the science of the golf swing. It impresses me the knowledge espoused on this site from the clearly scientific thinkers. That was never my strong point. Not that I don't "get" it, or understand what is being said but I do believe there comes a point where it gets to much. I'm more of a visual learner so that may be part of it. I tend to learn seeing what @iacas or @mvmac are trying to say as opposed to reading a post on it. The great thing about this site is that
    • I don’t mind wind/rain but soft muddy conditions mess with my iron and wedge contact.  Lots of fat or short shots!

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