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Retirement golf - 6 months result

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It has been exactly 6 months after I retired.   Here's what happened to my golf after I have retired. 

  • I have been playing 5 - 6 times a week.  However, a simple majority of the rounds have been less than 18 holes.   I simply quit when I get too tired, get hungry, etc..    Being able to play everyday, I don't feel I need to finish around.
  • With more time, I thought I'd get warm up before a round but I don't.   I feel I can learn more by playing.  Instead, I go to range practice whenever I can't play a round - raining, course bought out, etc..   
  • I avoid playing during busy hours, like Saturday.  That means I am playing a lot by myself or with my wife.  This gives me time to focus more on each shot.   When I play in 4-some, sometimes, I get distracted.
  • My HI improved immediately after my retirement.   Playing 5 - 6 times a week helped me improve on my short game, and course management.   HI improved by about 4 - 5 strokes over the 6 months, not all at once though.  However, I don't think it will continue to improve unless I do something different.  
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When I first retired I was playing 4 or 5 times a week, while practicing too. Even braved the weekend crowds.  Did that for quite a while. Now it's 2 or 3 times a week, and never on weekends, and holidays. 

Then one day I thought about something else I wanted to do. That cut into my golf time. As more months passed I found other things I wanted to do. In the long run, having other things to do has helped my golf game. No complacency, or burn out has creeped in. 

In the past year or so I have settled into, what I call a daily "non routine". By that I mean I no longer make a daily schedule for the most part , I still average 45 holes a week. Some weeks I might play 4, or 5 times. Other weeks I don't play at all. I still practice weekly, which is mostly short game stuff. 

The idea of waking up most mornings with nothing planned, but staying busy,  to me, is what retirement is all about. Sure there are maintenance things around the homestead that need to be done, but there is no rush to do them. 

Today is "homemade pancake day" with our youngest Grand Daughters. No golf. Later on it's the "bikini barrel racing" competition up in town. Perhaps this evening a visit to a new sports bar that just opened up near by. Monday through Thursday, at some point, will see me back, grinding it out on the golf course again. 

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On 6/25/2016 at 4:46 AM, dennyjones said:

Please continue to keep us updated.    I'm in the similar situation having retired in May.   

Congrats!   Enjoy the retirement.  


I thought I'd get serious and start my own "Dan's plan" but I found that I have other things to do - like learning a new language, gardening, ....   Life is good.




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I am "semi-retired".  I took a part time job at my old job but at a higher pay rate.I work nights (always have). But now I get a few hours sleep before a morning round. It certainly helps.  I do not play Saturdays.  I may play Sunday. I now run the Senior Men's league at my club and it is growing and it certainly occupies time. It also put me on the Club Executive so for comedy relief I attend the meetings. My golf is not improving but :I don't practice. I just play and have a good time.  My golf is not deteriorating. I find I can concentrate on the shot at the moment.  I would like to putt better when the speed is up on greens around the province but that is unlikely without practice.  I am less inclined to engage in equipment searches.  I am convinced nothing I have ever bought really changed my game. I hit wooden woods when they were in vogue. I hit small headed metal ones. And now I have a large headed one.  ( I secretly believe one I bought from Wal-Mart for Xmas from my wife was the best driver I ever owned but I succumbed to the hype).  All in all I am content. And that is what retirement has done for me.  Hope you all find similar contentment in your retirement pursuits.

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