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Old 2008 Nike One Platinum vs the 2019 Pro V1

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I used that ball in the mid 2000s and I remember that ball feeling like a rocket when I used it. I remember it spinning like crazy and having a ton of confidence because I could control it. I was also 26. Im 40 now but am a better player by miles. I can hit the ball a decent ways (about a 260 carry) and play the Pro V1 now. My question is how would that 2005 Platinum compare to todays Pro V1? Is it in my head that it was a crazy hot ball or was it really that good of a ball? I have a ton of confidence with the Pro v1 but I dont have the same 'feeling' standing over it like I remember with the original platinum. (For the record I was a +15 back then and am a 6.5 now I also hit the ball farther now) 



This question stems from my experience with the SIM vs 510r TP. I had that same feeling with the old 510r TP with the Fuji 757. I use a SIM now with a Hzrd 6.0 x stiff. I came across an old 510r TP and picked it up. The SIM is 15 yards longer but man oh man can I stripe that 510r tp. I Have more confidence with it, I can shape it and it just feels "hot" (even though its 12 to 15 yards shorter) compared to the SIM. 

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    • I did tell him to f*** off and worry about his own ball he just talked more shit after...Short of having fist fight with an old man that's about all I could do.  And yes I have called rules violations on folks before, but generally try to help fellow competitors as much as possible during competition. I've been playing in these money tournaments for about 3 years now and it has 120+members and I have never played in a foursome during a tournament where someone was blatantly pulling this.  I assumed there was some rule against it since I haven't had someone try that before. I asked the question and you guys answered, and I honestly didn't thank my manhood or ability to " handle it as a human" would come into question. I think the topic is now over, and ask that you please close the thread unless you folks aren't done attacking me yet.  
    • This reminds me of the episode on Bewitched where Darrin and his boss Larry take a prospective client golfing. The client is addressing his ball and Darrin asks if he inhales or exhales on his backswing and it totally messes the guy up to where he cannot function anymore. Hoses his game.
    • Good grief, man.  Toughen up a bit.  Like @iacas, @David in FL, and others have already indicated: tell the guy to shut up or get over it.  Why is it only in golf do people seem to be so weak-minded?
    • Thanks for posting. I can edit the title for you with the name of the cart if you would like. It would make it easier for folks to find. Also, more picks would be a nice addition.
    • No. Seriously, Matt. Tell the guy to shut his trap or suck it up and/or laugh off his attempts. Jeezus. If it’s this easy to throw you off I almost can’t blame him at all. Handle it. One way or another. If you couldn’t handle it as a human I doubt you could handle telling him he broke a rule if that was the case.
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