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54 and 60 degree wedge with high bounce

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I recently purchased the cleveland cg15 54 and 60 degree wedges. I gripped both clubs with the golf pride new decade grips. The only problem is I did not know too much about bounce when I purchased them and got both with high bounce. My 54 degree has 14 bounce and my 60 has 12. I love hitting the 60 out of sand but don't seem to hit it to well from 70 yards and in. I know bounce is all about conditions but do I really have to trade the 60 in and get the same exact club with a lower bounce? Is it pointless to have both clubs with high bounce?


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It has to do much with how you want to use the wedges....

The 54 is used by many as a SW and if the sand in bunkers you play is soft and dry, 14 degrees isn't too bad ..... tut if the sand is wet or hard, 14 degr. bounce might mean you will hit a lot of balls instead of the sand transporting the ball, bc the heavy bounce skips the head or prevents you to enter the sand...... so 14 degr. is perfect for fluffy sand or deep rough, but it is lesser for about all other conditions.

10-12 is allround for sand and 8-10 is better for a combination of fairway and sand.

The 60/12 is also great for sand, but from the fairway 8 degrees of bounce is better. (don't buy the low bounce 60 .... like the 4 degr. bounce models, unless you want to clear the fairways of grass).

My wedge setup is 48/06 - 53/09 - 58/08 (but I also have a 54/14 for courses with soft sanded bunkers)

In all I would say .... sorry for your investment or loss ..... maybe it is better to buy an extra 54 with a lower bounce for allround use (keep the 54/14 as I did) and trade 60 in for lower bounce model if you want to use it of the fairway a lot.


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