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Stretch and keep playing!

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Have you heard the term “stretch and keep playing”? These words hold true no matter how old or how young of a golfer you are. It’s never too early or too late to start a regimented routine of stretching. The short amount of time you will spend doing simple movements with Golflexx will lengthen the small and large muscle groups used in the golf swing, get the blood circulating to help prevent injury and help you enjoy the game of golf long into your later years of life.

One of the more important areas of the body needing to be warmed up prior to swinging a club is the ribcage and the surrounding muscle groups. This area is one that seemingly gets overlooked by golfers. The action of switching from the top of your backswing into the downward movement of your follow through puts an undue amount of stress on your ribcage. Rib injuries can occur due to a variety of other motions particular to different sports including golf. Stretching that part of your upper body is essential before any taking a club into your backswing, then into your full front swing.

By using Golflexx and following our simple routine, Dr. Fox describes in exercise number 2 how to rotate your core properly  which will warm the long ligaments and muscle groups between the ribs known as the intercostal muscle group.

Our patented approach to pre-loading your Golflexx, something that can’t be done with any of your clubs, will allow the major muscles used in your golf swing to properly circulate the blood necessary for a proper stretch, preventing injury.

After using Golflexx for the first time you will never leave your home without it in your bag. If you find that hard to believe just go to our website and see for yourself, people just like you have posted testimonials and continue to do so.

Take advantage of our March Madness by purchasing your Golflexx and getting a second Golflexx at half price with FREE shipping. Visit us on the web at for details.

Email us at

Tony Benach


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In between the bouts of shoveling and snowboarding I have been incorporating the Golfflexx almost daily.  So far so good.  My shoveling form is top notch ;)  Hopefully whenever spring comes I will be able to report back properly.


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It's gonna be a long winter! Glad your using it and someday you'll be able to take it on the course. Happy snow shoveling.


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    • I love my chiropractor and I love getting adjusted. I could get adjusted every day wether I need it or not. I probably crack my own neck myself more violently than the chiro does.
    • Retired Lieutenant.  Federal Bureau of Prisons. 
    • Not necessarily true.  Grounding the club when your ball lies in rough is equally risky.  By not grounding the club, if the ball moves when the player did not even touch the grass near it, I would be inclined to rule it as a act of God.  If he grounds the club or takes a practice swing in the immediate vicinity, then I call the penalty.  That is still true even under the theoretically less penal rule in today's rule book.  Reverting to the previous version wouldn't change that in any significant way. I have been in a windy situation where the ball sitting up in heavy rough never really seemed to be at rest - it was sort of fluttering with the wind gusts that were moving the grass.  I've also seen a player be penalized (correctly) for causing a ball lying in fairway grass to move after taking a practice swing more than a foot away from the ball.   Every ruling must be treated as a unique incident, and the more you allow the referee latitude in making his decision, the more subjective the rule becomes.  
    • Techniques are usually subjective and personal. Some sheer voodoo.  I find that I tend to spend too much time frozen over a putt and it usually just misses on one side or the other and rolls about two feet past the hole.  Lately I've been experimenting with a method that seems to relieve tension. Standing over a putt, I might make two practice swings,  line up the putt. Then I turn my head towards the target,ascribing an imaginary line i wish to take with my nose. I then retrace that line back to the ball and when my nose is directly over the ball, I take the putter back and make the stroke. No time to think about it, no hesitation, just follow the line, make nasal contact (figuratively) and execute. My nose does not extend back beyond the ball however.  I know, sounds ridiculous, but seems to work.  I seem to recall reading something similar years back where the player looked twice to the target, and executed immediately during the second "look" as a trigger move.
    • As much as I can, I'm Freelance so I've been working events all this month but I did get 18 holes in 2 weeks ago in Chicago and a few hours on the 13th when I was home for 36 hrs. When not working the busy meeting season, I average 6-8 hours a day on the range or on a course.   I will be back at lewisville 18 on the 29th once I land back in Dallas.
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