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irons (2005 TM Rac LT vs. buying a new set)

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hey guys, I'm new to the forum as a member but have spent some time reading on it over the past few months. I was looking for anyone's 2 cents on possibly selecting a set of new irons

I currently play with 2005 Taylormade Rac LT irons which i have been using for 7 yrs now. From what i can tell, these are a mid size, semi cavity iron. I like the look & feel of them. I've never been a big fan of the big bulky cavity backs, and I'm also a decent enough player to where I can play something slightly smaller. However, a pro club fitter told me once that the stock size shafts were 3/4 inch too short for my 6'3 frame.

So basically my 2 options are to get these extended or reshafted & regripped. (cost is about $200-300)

Or do i go get a new set for $800-1000? I always seem to see people saying that iron technology hasn't changed much.

If i decide to get a new set, what are some similar style irons to the Rac LT's i currently have? My buddy recently got some ping g25's and i personally find them on the bulkier large cavity side.

I have gone to a few stores to window shop and the ones that i seem to like are:

Callaway X pro

Callaway X forged

Mizuno MP59 (ive always like the look of mizuno's but im lefty and they only make a few models in LH, this being one of them)

Titleist AP2

Titleist CB

I obviously wouldn't want to get a set of clubs are too hard to hit, thats my main concern. I'm a decent golfer (when im playing well im in the 83-88 range, ive never broken 80)

I have good hand eye coordination from my baseball days so i feel like i am a decent ball striker.

Any thoughts, please share. Thanks!

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I love my mizuno h-4 they are probably too bulky for your eye. Maybe they have lefty 69s. IF I couldn't get mizuno i would be between ping and titleist. I bet ap2 irons by titleist are real close. Maybe even ping i20 i love these they are cannons. I would personally Get my new clubs set up how you like them right out of the dealer get the factory too give you them +.34. Having shaft extenders would bother me for some reason.I am not a fan of callaway irons they dont feel right for me. Go hit some i20s i was so surprised how forgiving they are and man can they go. They are cast thats why i didnt get them i prefer forged i like the softer feel. MY two cents has been input.

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hey, thanks for the feedback. i ended up getting fitted for Callaway X Hot PRO irons this weekend. got an extra half inch, 2 degrees upright lie, and slightly larger grips. These are the less bulky version of the X hot, yet not the forged blade style callaways. I myself never really liked callaway irons due to their large head size but these are indeed some sleek clubs

i tried out the titleist ap1 but they felt slightly bulkier and they are like $200 more. I did actually see your mizuno H-4's, they were a nice looking club but unfortunately they dont make them in LH

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