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I don't know which shaft flex to get!

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Hey guys,

I currently have the full club set bought from Costco--Callaway x24's in steel, uniflex shafts.

I've started taking lessons and practices for little more than 3 months, and I was as frustrated I could be for last couple of days.

I've been badly hooking my shots, and couldn't figure out why, until I read an article saying that using a shaft that's too soft for my swing speed will tend to hook the balls, whereas the opposite will tend to slice them.

So I thought, might as well try stiff flex's; so I went to a local golf shop and tried out the Rocketbladez in a graphite, stiff shaft.

The result: Not only did I see the ball fly much straighter, but also I gained about 20 yards! The yards, I thought, could be more because it's graphite, but the path of the ball made me want to get myself a new iron set. Sadly, they didn't have steel shaft, so I still can't decide which clubs to get.

I would prefer to stick to steel shaft, but not sure which flex to buy. From the launch monitor, I was swinging at around mid 80's MPH, and the carry distance for 7 iron(with Rocketbladez) was, on average, about low 170 yards.

I'm tempted to get the stiff flex, because I would like to give myself the benefit of a doubt of improving my swing; but if they are too stiff, I don't want to be returning the irons, especially when I plan to buy them online.

Here are some of the iron sets that I have my eyes on right now. The Rocketbladez, Titleist AP1 712, Titleist AP2 710, or Callaway Razr XF, all in regular, steel shafts.

Thank you for any inputs in advance! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Some current Taylor Made club lengths are longer than std or what std can be these days. This will give you extra distance but you can loose direction. All the clubs you have looked at are decent clubs but have you looked into any Mizuno models yet? Have a look at golfclubshaftreview.com for some shaft information that may help.

Good luck on your search


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If you like the cally's, you could have them reshafted with a suitable shaft.

Your pro should be able to help with that decision. Uni-Flex is a way for the OEMs create 1 SKU instead of 3 or 4. The only tru uniflex golf shaft out there today is the NUNCHUK by Nventix.

You should at least find you what you have.

Mid 80's could be R, F, or S depending on your swing.

It is very hard to learn to play properly when your equipment does not fit you properly.

If your pro can not help, see a club fitter. it goes hand in hand with Lessons.


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80's is around the area i swing if our swing is smooth go with regular if not that go with stiff. If your hooking that badly its probably because its to light of a flex.


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Hey guys, Thank you all for your advice! I have not seen a fitter yet, but I did try a number of different shafts to swing at. I will probably ask my pro when I go in for a lesson. Meanwhile, i went on to the field for the first time, and realized that milking and trying hard for extra distance doesnt mean as much as hitting the ball straight. With the unifllex i have--true temper, btw--i have eased my swig a little bit to make sure the swing was a bit more fluid, and even though i lost about 15-20 yards, my ball flight was dead straight. Also, i found out that my swing speed of mid 80's was with a graphite shaft, and i didnt know back then that the swing speed differs depending of the shaft material. With my uniflex, i swung at mid 70's. I am hoping to try out the light steel, like the speed step's or the rocketfuel 85g's. I am now debating whether i should just get the clubs re-shafted or just get a new set of clubs. Thanks again guys!

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