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I have an old set o ping g5 irons that need reshafting. The club heads are dinged up pretty bad as Ive played many rounds with them. Ifound out it would cost about 400.00 to get them reshafted and gripped so I went out and bought a brand new set of Adams 1208 4 through gw and they perform better than my g5s ever did. The classic cavity back design with the nice thick sole gives the clubs great feel upon impact. The design reminded me of my g5s yet were on sale for 299.00. They originally retailed for 499.00. Before you decide to refurbish an old set do some research. There really are good deals out there if you take the time to look.


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Hey man,

I totally agree- but you can reshaft it yourself and save a bunch of dough. But glad you found some better irons!

Do it yourself! I reshafted a set of irons last year and its pretty darn easy, and actually quite a bit of fun. You'll need:


New Shafts (make sure the tip is the right size for your hosel)

A hacksaw (to cut them to the proper length)

220 sandpaper to rough the tip up

Drill (to clean out the old glue from the hosel)

Heat gun (heat up the hosel to break bond of the old glue)

It saved me a couple hundred dollars. And the guys at my local shop had most of the gear, and were really helpful. Also check out youtube for videos on how to do it.




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Thanks for the feedback bro. Abuddy of mine is a golfsmith the only problem was the stock Ping shafts were like 50 bucks a pop but youre right....if you end up saving money if the club heads are still in great shape then yeah Id just reshaft and sharpen the grooves.


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    • Because everyone gets bored of blue skies now and again! Crazy winds and serious mood-lighting! First hole has the signature lighthouse behind the green and a great linksy fairway, second is a 114 yard par three that played about 140 yesterday.  
    • A good afternoon of birthday practice yesterday. Did a lot of short game work and went out to the course way after the last tee time to put them in practice in 'real' situations. Finally I did a nice putting drill to gauge areas to focus on - this will be a bit of a regular thing that I go back to now and again to judge progress. A few photos from on-course work: Downwind - 15mph and dispersion from shots at 125 yards, 115, 100 and 75. Nearly pulled the wedge from 75 into a bunker, which would have been horrendous, so that's a bit worse than it looks. Delighted with the rest and all on the middle tier of a three tier green. After about 10 minutes of practising, from 50 yards using a variety of clubs (furthest to nearest) - putter, wedge, hybrid chip. Had to come up a big tier, so pretty pleased with this. Hybrid chip was the right play in that it took the tier out of play, but my default would have always been wedge. Just nice to add another shot to my game - although it will need more practice. Putting: Just need to make more inside 10 feet. Great not to have any 3 putts though! Hole Ft Break Score 1 Score 2 Score 3 Score 4 Score 5 1.         3ft Straight 1         2.         6ft R/L uphill 1         3.         9ft L/R downhill 2         4.         12ft R/L downhill 2         5.         15ft L/R 2         6.         4ft slight break downhill 1         7.         8ft R/L 2         8.         12ft L/R 2         9.         16ft L/R downhill 2         10.     20ft L/R uphill 2         11.     5ft slight break 2         12.     10ft L/R 2         13.     15ft R/L 2         14.     20ft Straightish 1         15.     25ft Double Break 2         16.     6ft R/L downhill 2         17.     33ft Slight uphill 2         18.     45ft Slight downhill 2         Total 32         Strokes Gained -2.81        
    • 26/2/17 - more slow takeaway work. Heading to the range later and will spend time really working on transitioning this work to full swing. I think the feel needs to be that my left arm is glued to my stomach, but will check with video later.
    • Thank you! Got out for a few holes so it was a good day in spite of work!
    • 2/25: Played two rounds today with dad at a different course than usual. Shot 96 and 93. A few nice strings of pars and made several amazing putts (). Mostly bogeys other than that but managed a couple of absolute blow-up holes in each round that helped to guarantee 90+ scores from an otherwise very nice day of golf. I could complain about "sand-traps" sans-a-single-spec-of-sand with 10-foot wide puddles in them, or mushy fairways, or waiting 5-minutes for the 4-some in front of you on every shot, but there wasn't a notes field on the scorecard.  Practice is paying off, though. Hit my drives farther than ever, draws when I wanted them, and the fade didn't let me down when I needed it. 3/4 "flighted" shots are the new go-to approach of choice all the way out to 160+ with my 3-iron, and (n)GIRs have jumped up considerably. I've rambled on about my short-game improvements before, but it continues. Holed a pitch shot from about 10 yards and stopped 2 others 6 inches from the pin. Gotta play some more rounds from the front so I get used to stringing pars together. Realized today that I don't just get nervous about it, I also get cocky. Weird combination. 
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