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  1. Guys who buy new sets of clubs often trade in their existing sets; some of which are in more than just good condition, which are then sold on at quite reasonable prices compared to new clubs. You might want to try this option for your starter set, then trade up as your game dictates with the experience and expertise you will, hopefully, you gain.
  2. They are your feet so its your choice. Try them both on in the shop and see which is the better fit and most comfortable. Take a little walk around. FWIW, I just got a new pair of Footjoy Softjoys yesterday. Before I took them I tried Hi-Tec, Nike and Adidas, none of which suited me for a variety of reasons.
  3. Most guys take their career drive as their average and, thus, grossly overstate their distances. Surveys have shown that the average golfer shooting between 90 and 94 drives his ball 192 yards carry and roll, yet insists he is hitting it 230/240. To hit 250 yards on the fly you will need a swing speed of around 105 mph +/- depending on purety of impact and launch conditions. Doing that on a regular basis would put you in the realms of the seriously good golfers - and there are simply not too many of those around..
  4. Oh yea! When Ernie Else played TM he was on TV every year telling us how he was hitting this years driver 30 yards further than last years model. Had he stuck with TM he would now be airmailing all the par 5s he comes across! Upshot is that whatever TM bring out this year will not be anything but a lick of paint improvement on last years model.And that applies to all OEMs.
  5. They were Mitt the Mutts own words recorded secretly and now available, to his embarrassment, for all to witness. My bad, I had previously said 49% and now apologise to all y'all :- "There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what,” Romney said. “All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that's an entitlement. And the go
  6. Your desperation knows no bounds and your arguments are devoid of logic. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/humanitarian Neither yourself or Mitt the Mutt seem to give a damn for 49%, we are told, of your fellow countrymen so one can only conclude that you would give even less for anyone else. Humanitarian, therefore, you 'aint. Capiche?
  7. Nope, neither a Greek or a Comrade. Could be argued by some that I am one of the financially privileged inasmuch as I have enough to live on comfortably. I am neither a Capitalist or a Socialist, preferring to be a Humanitarian: which would not go down to well with Mitt the Mutt, or yourself it seems.
  8. Not quite the point I was making. But, it was not Socialism that got the world into the monetary melt down that we are all striving to get out of now. Rampant Capitalist greed was, and remains, the culprit. And, even though I am not over there, I would not qualify as part of Mitt the Mutts 49% of cast offs in case you were wondering. Still, vote for him if you must but don't get disappointed when his favoured 51% becomes less and less as he and his cronies pursue their vendetta against the less financially privileged.
  9. You Sir are a first class Pratt. 100% accurate and factual.
  10. Not my fight but surely you guys over there cannot seriously see Mitt the Mutt as a viable alternative. This is the guy who wants to totally abandon 49% of his countrymen so that his cronies, the other 51%, can keep the nations entire wealth to themselves - not to mention his open windows policy for aircraft! Just askin'.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by verse214 I was looking at Miura's and someone who was more knowledgeable advised that Miura had plans to expand and they ended up moving their forgings to China and were essentially trying to turn into a bigger player in the golf club market (thereby implying a decrease in their quality). Many people who I spoke to spoke very highly of Epons which are forged by Endo. .. supposedly Endo forges some of the highest quality irons around. Epon just came out with some new irons as well. I've also heard that Epon
  12. Perhaps Jack also wants to be able to open aircraft widows at 35000ft to get a breath of fresh air. Mitts latest campaign winning ploy.
  13. wedgehammer40k , If you are only practising, and on your own, then play as many balls as you like provided you are not delaying any following golfers. However, where you are playing subject to the rules you have to play the ball you hit off the tee. But, if that ball is suspected as then being o/b or lost in a hazard, you should tee off another ball having first declared it "provisional" and play that ball. If, having done that, the first ball is then found you must play that one and proceed accordingly.
  14. The second provisional ball became void once you found the first provisional, which was playable; and should have been played. Concede the hole in match play but d/q in stroke play if you persisted and submitted a signed card having broken a rule and continued regardless. In friendly play, who gives a toss? Play on and keep the course moving. Had you played your first provisional into the green and then three putted you would only have carded 7!
  15. Its particularly helpful to those who's first move is to swing out rather than down. Hard to swing out if you have stuff up your armpits that you are trying to keep there!
  16. Check these out. http://www.stargrip.com/cgi-bin/FamilyOfGrips.exe These boys are good.
  17. Here you go mate, I found this which might help. The really good stuff (its just about all really good) is at approx' 2.30 mins and 4.10. Please completely disregard the total nonsense about gripping it lightly that the guy concludes with. You should grip it tightly enough so that someone gripping the head and trying to pull the club out of your hands cannot do so.
  18. Nothing wrong with flaring the feet a little ; it helps pivot motion both ways. Like all else though it can be overdone. The nonsense is all that prattle about creating torque by restricting hip turn and adding shoulder turn to create a spring like effect. You will not get a decent shoulder turn without the assistance of hip turn but, again, things can be overdone so a little circumspection is advisable. Just do what feels comfortable for you and your build/body shape and don't force it. The back swing is purely a positioning move and nothing to do with cranking
  19. Y'all might like to check this out and save a few bucks! http://www.freecaddie.com/ I am currently using the free version and find it to be accurate enough for my purpose.
  20. For the record:- " In the 1974 U.S. National Seniors Open, the precursor to the U.S. Senior Open that was first played in 1980, Austin hit a measured drive of 515 yards that still stands in the Guinness Book of Sports Records as the longest drive ever hit in competition. Austin was 64 at the time. He used a Wilson 43.5-inch, steel-shafted persimmon driver and a 100-compression Titleist balata golf ball. The drive came on the par-4 5th hole at Winterwood Golf Course in Las Vegas (now called Desert Rose). Former PGA champion Chandler Harper, paired w
  21. And that guy gets paid for that! Pure nonsense.
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