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  1. I can't commit at this time... I have a trip to TPE that is pending and it is right around this time... We're trying to lock down the dates with our client for a PV build, and it could be the week of 2/17 or 2/24. If it ends up being 2/17... I'll be in the air on Sat, 2/15 and out of the country on 2/16. I'll let you know sometime in late Jan or early Feb. SJ
  2. Agreed. I've really enjoyed season 4 so far. Last nights ending was ! I'm looking forward to seeing season 2 of 'The Following' which will start-up in January with a 2-night (Sun/Mon) premier.
  3. I haven't posted in a month... But this still stands for me. Unfortunately, at this point in time, the last person you should select dates based on availability would be using my voice in this thread... I'm gonna be flying by the seat of my pants if I can even make the next event or not. Most likely, I won't know until the week of - or even a few days before (or after!?)?
  4. I can't make any commitment at this time. New baby will be here. Plus I have a trip to Taiwan pending in Jan before the Chinese New Year. The first quarter of 2014 is going to be real crazy schedule wise.
  5. I think Tiger's season fizzled due to fatigue and nursing injuries. In the FedEx playoffs, he played well in the Barclays (T2), then faded when he had to play back-to-back weeks... Fatigue? When he had rest, or played courses he's familiar with, he was in the hunt... Or won.
  6. Welcome to the site Barrett! Great seeing you again yesterday, and congrats on the 'Dub'. Your back has to be killing from carrying @mvmac , @tristanhilton85 and @BigC all over the limestone track yesterday?
  7. Guys, I had fun playing yesterday. Thanks for putting together another outing... Too bad our team kind of limped around the course... Mike M. needs to be a 15 cap, not a 9. 9 was my guesstimate from 6mo ago, when he played Talega, and I've forgotten to have Tristan update it. That would help a little, but @GolfSwine and @bplewis24 and I all had various blow up holes too which didn't help. #2 and #11 kicked my tail. So Cheers to Team A. Regarding the next tournament, please let me know when you all decide... I'd definitely like to participate. PS.
  8. Can't wait! See you guys Sunday morning at Denny's. Grubbage, then take a dump on the first green so that the scrubs in the group directly behind us know we care.
  9. Ok. I refuse to get into a douchebag laden debate on logic, or probability and chance if they did this, or did that. No one is going to win. So I'll just end that right now. For me , Jesse has played an amazing role... Such that I can't imagine him being killed off at such an early stage (season 1). See how I did that Cheesey?? No more debate for you...
  10. I remember how I was a little worried about how the show could continue to be good after the Hank / Cousins incident. With Tuco being killed off (who was another great antagonist)... And the Cousins being dead/hospitalized... I really didn't think the show could possibly get any better... Boy, was I wrong! GUS!!!!!! MIKE!!!!!!! TODDDddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!! Damn, what a great show.
  11. I'm not sure about the Saul comment... Saul's character was written by Peter Guold. So while Bob Odenkirk is the actor of Saul... It really wasn't his call on who Saul was based on. Did Peter base Saul on Ari Emanuel?? I guess I'm confused. Bogdan was classic... That would be hilarious with those eyebrows... Would be great to see a flash forward of him getting his car wash back during the credits. LOL Yeah Jesse dying would've been a bad move back in season 1. The understatement of the century for anyone who likes Breaking Bad. Great call by the writers to extend his life cycl
  12. That's a really great song - as it ties into Breaking Bad. Very solid choice of music... But that video. LOL W...T.......
  13. The Pest control guys were just criminals... And Todd was part of that group. The Aryan Brotherhood dudes didn't get introduced until Todd reached out to his Uncle Jack for assistance on taking out Mike's associates getting hush money - who were in prison. The Aryan Brotherhood is big in prison and organized gangs/crime... So they aren't Nazis... They're likely Aryan Brotherhood... But get called Nazis because of the symbolism found in their tattoos.
  14. But they were important enough to take out Hank and Andrea - had Skyler by the throat, and have beat the living out of poor Jesse as their meth slave. It's interesting... I don't think Walt will die at their hands either. But will Jesse? Man... There is a lot of 'What If's' going into this 'Felina'.
  15. Walt is going to die on this last episode. That is one thing I believe after watching more interviews with Vince... He has stated why he picked Bryan Cranston - going back to X-files 'Drive' episode. And why he brought him in as the lead actor for Walter White. If that is the case... How will he die? Cancer? Ricin? Aryan Brotherhood? At the hands of Jesse? Other?? I still think the Ricin suicide would be pretty dramatic. And while some think he wouldn't do that... I say he does because he knows there is no cure or going back from it. And he is too scare
  16. Hhahah that would indeed be a terrible ending... I have to believe that Vince and his crew of writers are more creative then to totally punk us by using a woodchipper dupe.
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