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  1. If you have issues controlling your speed. Hen you should get fitted for a putter. Look into Edel. Having the proper weight in a putter is key to gauging speed. Edel will also ensure your aiming your putter properly via their fitting process. Lastly, agree with the guys who recommended you checking out Aimpoint. It's very informative.
  2. If you're in your 5th year, why did you change pros? Just curious. Maybe go back to the pro you had, and see why you're setup that he taught you is 'off'. But the key item is being able to control your low point. You can look like Jim Furyk, Tommy Gainey, or Adam Scott. The key is controlling your low point.
  3. I'd agree with Hardballs. Unfortunately you have very old outdated equipment which isn't worth anything of value. Maybe you could take up the game and see how you like it?
  4. Turtle, thanks for joining the group and posting about Apple Valley and the short game instruction with Dave Stockton. It sounds like a great opportunity. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it on the 22nd. Hope you can make it to the 10/13 outing. It's a solid course and good chance to meet guys from the area. Ktroop, glad to hear you liked OQ. Look forward to meeting you next month. Oh and LOL about the 'then golf happened' comment. I played terrible yesterday and felt like I couldn't do a damn thing right with my iron play. So I know the feeling of 'golf happened'!!
  5. For sure. I was in the same boat for a LONG time. And didn't think the Pipoe would be worth the money. But I was too lazy to go shopping for a nerf ball, or a small ball to do the same thing as the Pipoe. I finally pulled the trigger on the Pipoe after feeling like I had hit a wall, and gotten as far as I could on my own feels, and needed something like the Pipoe to give me a more extreme feel. When I secure the Pipoe properly between the elbows, it actually feels like I'm flexing my pecs to keep my right and left elbows close. Almost like flexing your chest when you do flys with dumb bells
  6. Pipoe arrived earlier this week, and I'm back from vaca. Hawaii was fun, but I'm glad I'm back to Socal. Went to the range tonight for the first time since I returned, and experimented with the Pipoe... The results were pretty decent. But it was definitely a challenge to actually hit balls without the Pipoe flying out from between my elbows at impact. I'm going to try another session on Sunday, but this time 60% speed, and see if I can keep the Pipoe from flying out at impact when secured between the elbows. I'll try and get some videos up on Sunday. Cheers!
  7. OP learn to control your low point. Try this drill: [VIDEO]http://youtu.be/xq6B6xONedM[/VIDEO]
  8. I think the US team is better than it was two years ago. And I'm not sure the International team is better or worse? My prediction is a blowout by the US.
  9. I'm +1 for now... May have +4. Still ironing out the details with some peeps. The +1 is Mike who played in the Mile Square and Talega outings. The other three are guys I''m still waiting for confirmation....
  10. Played today here in Maui. Hit the ball really well and shot a 77 with 35 putts. Happy Labor Day!
  11. Ok, now not only do I have a pitched elbow complex... After seeing Mac's hot pants, add a quad/hamstring complex to boot!
  12. Yeah, I try not to get too fixated on it in the backswing... More of a firm placement at address - ensure it's tight. Then let it go... I found if I try and maintain that firm - or really close feel throughout, I tend to simply hit pushes out to the right. Nice and high... But pushed too far off my target (20yds). But if I get that firm feeling at address, then just focus on a nice smooth one piece takeaway, with the arms/shoulders/hips in sequence... I can hit some nice push draws. Especially with the finish to A9 like DD.
  13. I just had an interesting range session... Tried to really get my elbows close at address, and maintain that. I wanted to feel like this coming into the ball... With that clubhead lagging behind the ball... And tried to cut my finish like this.... That was fun... I hit some trajectories that were piercing. Gonna roll with these feels for awhile and keep practicing it until the Pipoe gets here...
  14. So what's next? Less posting on the internetz, and more golf?
  15. I'm a huge BB fan, but the over-reaching connections that JP has been able to make back to WW just seems like poor execution on behalf of the writers of the show. I like SG, he is a great character. But I think they could've left him and Heuell out of the ricin cig connection. And written something that would've been more likely to tie together. Heuell being able to pick a ricin cig out of a pack of cigs, in a matter of seconds, is lazy in itself. Without all the other twist and turns they have taken the viewers down. That alone is an issue.
  16. Hahaha love it. That looks like my feet! But I'm about the size of Albert's arm. Jimmy Dangles aka Brandon Grace! Lets go win another title as a team!! Triston, I'll let you know on +'s. Let me reach out to some peeps.
  17. Hey, hey, hey! I'm in. Wife and I are not going to NorCal, and I'm doing something for her bday on Sat. So that means I'm playing golf on Sunday!
  18. Thanks to Mvmac.... I just bought one of these. Pipoe, please help my golf game. Please.
  19. The impact ball/pipoe - it helps with spacing between the elbows. How will that help reduce the early extension? Does it simply ensure that my right elbow doesn't get stuck on the side of my hip at A5++? Ensures it gets into my belly - and gives the hands a clear path into impact? I've tried Drew's pipoe at the range, and it was definitely a very foreign feel. Something that I know is missing in my right arm... EDIT: I just went and bought a Pipoe online Mike. Just another thing to add to my collection of gadgets!
  20. My issue with the episode watching it in real-time was the confusion I had with the rapid pace of Pinkman connecting the dots so quickly. First watch through had me believing that Pinkman simply thought the pack of Parliaments was placed onto him by Heull with a Ricin cig. And I was under the impression that Pinkman was pissed because he thought Walt was trying to kill him by planting a ricin cig into his pack of cigs.... I actually had to watch it a few times before I truly understood that Pinkman realized that Walt poisoned Brock... And the problem I had with it, once I truly
  21. :facepalm: The marketing tool who did that obviously slept through their history classes.
  22. It's bowed a hair, and the face is closed.
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