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  1. Wow one response. Telling for sure. Anybody else?
  2. Hey all! So I need some help. I have been around TST for years. Participate on and off, mostly off recently. I am in my mid-50's, 10 hcp and was able to retire early and live the life! My financial situation can be described as solidly middle class retirement. I can't be frivolous but I am OK. Found the perfect situation in Las Vegas and the last 3 years have been great. Well the course sold and I am not too pleased with the new owner. So investigating a change. The problem is that the things most important to me are the hardest to research on the web. I will probably be a snowbird but
  3. The answer to your question is simple. As soon as you can tell the difference. Thus will begin a lifetime of experimentation.
  4. Meat, fire, eat! The essence of being a hunter! I cheat by using gas but wood is far superior! Overpriced French pressure cooker......no way.
  5. i seriously doubt that the crack of a driver would be loud enough to cause any hearing loss. However, a decibel meter could prove me wrong. If you are really concerned use ear plugs.
  6. Easy. Assuming a pin sheet or notes in a yardage book are still allowed. You could color code a hand drawing. Add a compass rose and some dots or shading that hides the info in plain sight. Even a series of numbers on the pin sheet that contains all of the same info to help recall what was studied. If i spent any time at all thonking mpre about this it would be very easy to transcribe the green sheet into something that is allowed by the rules. I am just trying ti illustrate how unenforceable all this would be.
  7. Another thought as i was reading the posts. There is no way to control the publication of the same information. So any ban will eventually tell how well the player or caddy can memorize the chart or worse how they hide the same information within the allowed materials.
  8. My first comment was more tongue in cheek. Should have added an emoji. "People" I guess are the posters who disagree with my point. I was simply trying to draw a distinction as to where the line would be. Caddies have been stepping off yardages and drawing diagrams and slopes of greens for generations. Now that it has evolved to the current situation "people" now seem to take issue. Harder line for me to draw than others.
  9. I know better than argue with the site owner but it sure seems that people only have an issue if someone else writes it down. If a caddy went out after play or during practice round and wrote notes then that would be ok? Again I can't really see the difference between a green book, a yardage map, a pin sheet, or even labeled sprinkler heads. These things are constants and do not vary substantially day to day thus public information.
  10. Your distinction is lost on me...... Advice "Advice" is any counsel or suggestion that could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of a club or the method of making a stroke. Information on the Rules, distance or matters of public information, such as the position of hazards or the flagstick on the putting green, is not advice. So wouldn't the slope of the green be a matter of public information? Yeah we used some technology to determine that information just like we have been using surveying equipment to label sprinkler heads long befor
  11. I had placed a bet on him in Las Vegas to win. Since he didn't tee off it was no action and i got my $20 bet back. I am certain this entered his mind when making the decision.
  12. It would seem to me that if are not losing at least a few balls, you are not being aggressive enough. Not sure what that number is but, some.
  13. Tipping is very specific. If allowed a few fivers thrown around will go a long way. Buy some beers or food if it seems right. It may have to go on the member's account and you and your sponsor can work that out. But, F&B helps on the club's bottom line and helps keep member dues lower. Not at all required but I really appreciate when my guests pick up a lunch tab.
  14. Ahhhhhh yes! Now that the weather is breaking and people are getting out to play, winter threads give way to the inevitable POP threads. We should have an annual pool on how many posts in the various threads.
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