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  1. I second the rangefinder as having the biggest equipment impact on my game. Next would be appropriate clubs in general. The biggest impact overall didn't have to do with equipment
  2. I was looking at range passes, and specifically asked if I could bring my daughter along and share (she was 5 at the time)... One range said no, she would have to get a pass too. The other range said, yea, that's fine. Just don't abuse it and start inviting all your buddies along. I went with the second option.
  3. I don't believe anyone said they've never done anything wrong... They're just not being delusional about whether or not something, is in fact, considered stealing.
  4. That seems like a pretty mean thing to do
  5. I've always been a huge hit at Tupperware and jewelry parties...
  6. Again, it's pretty simple... If a range owner gives one permission, it's not stealing. If a range owner does not give one permission, it's stealing. Is it the worst thing someone can do? No. But by definition, it's stealing. There's no way around it
  7. I agree, that's a good comparison. In bowling one wipes the ball down to remove the oil, which gives you more consistent action roll to roll. It's the same thing in golf, you get more consistent action with a clean club face... Which is especially important when trying to hit a green. For me, it pretty much makes a difference with a 6 iron and in... Outside of that, I'm not extremely accurate. But I still wouldn't want to strike a ball with a chunk of mud or grass, or anything that might cause it to react funny, regardless of the club.
  8. Time better spent would be to put GPS chips in golf balls and track their migratory patterns
  9. 100% agree with this... Zombies are the worst when it comes to pace of play. Hate getting stuck behind them! Them and the Aflac duck!
  10. steal stēl/ verb 1. take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it. "thieves stole her bicycle" synonyms: purloin, thieve, take, take for oneself, help oneself to, loot, pilfer, run off with, abscond with, carry off, shoplift; More Seems pretty elementary to me. No one is crying, nor antsy... It just is what it is, stealing. Regardless of video evidence, or not
  11. Yea, it's more of an etiquette thing, that some people just don't get. Club head covers don't make for slow play, slow players make for slow play. Kind of like the "Guns don't kill people, I kill people" t-shirt in Billy Madison
  12. All depends on facts and circumstances. Any good tax attorney would refer you to IRC Section 162 and 274. It's a pretty elementary read, if you're interested. But I digress on that point... This is about stealing range balls.
  13. I am. Anyone who isn't, is stealing from the rest of the honest taxpayers
  14. Agreed. Whether you justify it one way or another, it's still stealing. Stop kidding yourselves... At least be honest with yourself about it and say "I steal premium range balls". You may be a thief, but at least you'd be honest. Btw, I don't steal them.
  15. Unless I'm playing for money, I don't let how other people keep score, bother me. When someone is having a rough day, sometimes it's better to let things slide. You can rib him the next time he's in a better mood. My brother and I give each other some lip service when we play. It's enjoyable to us (even though there's nothing on the line other than sibling bragging rights). But not everyone enjoys being competitive, especially when they're having a bad round.
  16. I only find a need to use them when traveling. OP - who cares what snide remarks they make on TV, or what any others may make about iron covers. If you want to use them, use them
  17. I walk 70+% of the time, and haven't experienced any issues with the tube
  18. You'll be happy with it. I've tried many alternatives, and have found this to be the best (well, other than the caddies doing it for me on the occasion I have one)
  19. I use the Groove Tube... They are great. Quick 2 sec scrub after every shot... Beats the spit (which is what I did prior)
  20. I second the possibility of trigger finger... I experience it quite often
  21. I find this to be very, very rare... People like to hit the long ball, and typically are going to pull it out of the bag in most situations (even when they don't need it). There's nothing wrong with keeping a score, or stats, as a bench mark to help one determine where they can improve. Sounds like to me, the OP is taking lessons and working on improving his swing, he just wanted to know where he stood. As far as the subject of his post, it is about having trouble out of the rough, not about whether he should be keeping score. Rough is part of the game that every golfer will face. So the
  22. I was very naive to water usage before moving out west... Growing up on Lake Ontario, receiving an abundance of rain, spending a lot of time on the Finger Lakes and in the Adirondacks, I really never even thought twice about water usage. Now living out West, I realize what a big deal it is. My wife and I decided to make some positive changes to reduce the impact we have (not just limited to water), and teach our children to understand and respect the environment we live in. But somehow, I have neighbors and acquaintances, born & raised out West, who just waste water on a daily basis. They
  23. When this topic comes up (not just on this site), I'm surprised by how much people talk about finding other water sources, versus talking more about ways to reduce water usage. Reduction is a huge part of the solution, but most people don't seem to like it's inconvenience. -take shorter showers (there's no need for 10+ minute showers... Or frankly 5+) -cut the lawn watering down to 2 days per week (yea, it won't look perfect, but it'll survive and still look fine) -consider alternative landscaping options to grass (we reduced the area covered by grass quite a bit, and all the rocks & low wat
  24. Isn't under a tree one of the worst places to be in a lightening storm? I guess it would be a better option than the middle of a fairway though
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