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  1. I'd play an NXT Tour over a DT Solo, any day. As a matter of fact, I pay for NXT Tour balls, and toss free DT Solo balls back for the next guy to find. The NXT Tour is superior
  2. I can understand a company not mass-producing a product that has a limited market... However, once the club is designed for the right hander, I don't imagine it would be that expensive to create a left handed mold, and at a minimum offer them as a custom/to order option
  3. All the TaylorMade models below have left handed available: RSI Tour Preferred SpeedBlade And yea, Titleist AP-1, and AP-2 are nice "can't go wrong" options to have available
  4. PS - Odyssey White Hot Pro putters are on sale at Golf Galaxy (and I imagine Dick's as well) for $80. Best bang for your buck of any putter out there...
  5. Boring (nothing exciting happened), but respectable (mid-80's on a tough course)
  6. If there is an Edwin Watts near you, check it out. They have a 90 day guarantee, on new and used gear. So you could pick up a decent used set (which they can help you pick something appropriate, for free) and you can go play them for a month or so, and return them for 100% store credit toward another set if you're not happy with them. One further piece of advice I would provide is to know your prices when you hit the shop (have the PGA value guide pulled up on your phone) so you don't get gouged on the price.
  7. In honor of Lihu, Vinsk, and all the other lefties out there (including a friend of mine who is a woman, and a lefty... You guys think you have it bad finding clubs?) feel free to share any quality left handed golf clubs as you become aware of them. I'll start with Mizuno's 2015 line: MP-54 JPX 850 (both forged, and non-forged)
  8. You guys should start a "Clubs for Lefty's" thread, before you get any warnings about being off topic! Sorry billchao, couldn't resist...
  9. To the OP... Maybe check out the following amateur tour, I think they play by USGA rules: http://www.amateurgolftour.net I thought about it for the fun of it and I enjoy competition, but they seem to charge an arm and a leg (I imagine whoever runs it overall is trying to make a buck). As far as the rest of the discussion is concerned... I could care less. Play in whatever kind of league you enjoy playing in. I personally am happy playing by USGA rules, and that's what I play by in money games.
  10. Just Monday I shot a 52-37... That's probably the largest front-back difference I've had in a long time. The second round I shot 42-42... Quite consistent I must say. I can shoot high 70's one round to mid-90's the next... Happens more often than I like
  11. Hmm... I do think the MP 54 comes in lefty, and probably a little more forgiving than the MP 32
  12. My opinion is what you're currently playing is better than the ms2. If you want something cheaper but a bit more modern, check out a newer set of used burners... Or new burners, they're not that expensive
  13. The only thing I really find disappointing in playing some of these courses, is the price. For instance... Torrey Pines, Wolf Creek, Caledonia Golf & Fish. I really enjoyed playing all of them, but there are enough courses I have also really enjoyed that don't cost $200 per round. Durand Eastman (Rochester) is $30 with a cart, Shadow Pines (Rochester) is $50 with a cart, Mtn Dell (Salt Lake) is $45 with a cart. They're not Oak Hill, CCR, Torrey, Wolf Creek, etc., but I still find just as much enjoyment, at 25% of the cost. I appreciate the differences in different courses, famous or not.
  14. Anyone can go pick up blades and try them... So if you want to, do it. I played blades (MP-33) for a season in the past, and they did help me become a better ball striker as there is not as much margin for error. It was a struggle, but I'm glad I did it. However, there's a reason I switched back to cavity back irons and will likely continue to play them going forward.
  15. I'll have to check out the tags version. I keep my phone in my pocket to begin with
  16. Damn, I kept checking the price but didn't realize I wouldn't see the deal if I didn't have Prime. My wife has the account, wish I had asked her to keep an eye on it! Hopefully some of you folks on here we're able to pick it up
  17. Agreed... I didn't figure I'd find something I liked better than my G15, but to echo everyone else, Ping did a great job with the G30 woods and I'm a believer after having the driver for about 2 months now
  18. Sometimes it's tough to tell from pictures (as was the case with the G30 driver, which turned out to look very nice at address), but I'm not liking the look of these at all.
  19. I believe the MP 54 has a little more offset, especially in the longer irons. As you stated, the MP 54 would also be a little more forgiving
  20. I enjoyed piecing my current bag together over a 5+ years... I started with a putter and then irons. Found the right putter within an hour of putting at a golf shop. I demo'd several brands and models of irons over a 1-2 year period and narrowed it down to 3 sets I was interested in. After picking up the irons, then I started with wedges (needed the irons first, to make sure the wedge gaps were appropriate). Recently I just got a couple new woods. Point is, there is a lot out there and the choices can be overwhelming as you stated. You don't need to pick the new clubs out immediately, un
  21. Check out Meetup.com and see if there are any golf groups in your area. I moved across the country several years ago, and probably met half the people I golf with through Meetup golf events. If there's not a golf group in your area, maybe start one? I imagine there are many other people in a similar scenario as yourself
  22. There are enough men who don't need 14 clubs either... But to your point, I agree beginner golfers in general could start with less clubs in the bag and build their set as their game/needs grow. Adams makes great beginner sets, hard to go wrong with them.
  23. My 52 and 56 are Titleist Vokey, my 60 is a Cleveland 588. Prefer the Titleist for full shots (although I use the 56 around the green a little bit), and prefer the Cleveland 60 to any other lob wedge (just more used to it I guess). There are a lot of nice wedges (tour or not) available. Just need to demo them in several situations and see what fits you best
  24. Check out US Kids Golf. They make great sets for kids. My older daughter (6 yrs) has the 4 piece (fairway wood, 7i, PW, putter) and it works out great for her.
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