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  1. I would definetly ask them if they wanted to repair the pitch mark if it is in their line. I do a good job of repairing pushing in from the back, then the sides, and tapping down flat with the putter. Never really been an issue with me.
  2. Nice 66 for the 3rd round, and 70 for the 4th for a T24. Playing in his adopted hometown of the Tampa Bay area next week, hoping for some good results for JD and Trevor Immelman. Can't wait, taking the boys for 4 days. Vacation days on Thursday and Friday this week......I Rule. Nice field with Paddy, VJ, Sergio, Kenny Perry...and plenty of others.
  3. I did say Tiger earlier....but Jack played against better gunslingers. If and when TW beats the major record, then he's the best...majors are the measuring stick. period.
  4. He was shooting fish in a barrel......
  5. If Tiger "returns to golf" at the Tavistock Cup.....he needs to lose his man card.
  6. c'mon...you want to watch it and you know it. You probably watched in 3 times already....didn't you...
  7. I rarely go out to $40 entrees, I can cook better at home mostly. I do see your point though.
  8. Any chance of a 2 man A and B scramble in Florida based on handicap. A's being 10 hcap and lower....B's being 20 hcap or lower...put A's in one hat B's in the other...blind draw pairings.
  9. If the service is terrible (the server) I give 5 to 10%....and never go back. If it's ok I give 15% if it's good it's 20% or more....no matter how slow the food comes out, as long as the server is nice and makes a good effort and a small explanation.... I don't blame them. Being in the service industry myself (contractor).
  10. 6 years....then went for 4 visits, when they started timing sh-t with my insurance plan I got pissed. Been 4 years since I've gone. Whatever.....I like soup just fine. ps.. all teeth still just fine, so soup is hopefully 30 years out for me. My opinion of dentists.....they cant kill you with a procedure, so they go for what they get. Sorry if I offended you good dentists out there, not including you in the bunch.
  11. As a journalist and forum captain you should probably watch it, as work related. I watched it again and changed my mind a bit...JD is going through lapband and eye surgery trying to get things on the right track....I thought he was pretty humble in the first show, besides dropping autograph signings at the "peoples" feet....he needs to work on that...maybe sign a few and then politely decline the others and just say " I got to practice for the round"..or something like that. Why do I like him??.... Because he is the longshot that was not bred into golf. He dug it out of the dirt. As a 9th alternate in the PGA he hit the shot in that tourney, which most alternates dream of. So I guess sort of the Paul Bunyan of golf? I do wish him well, hope he wins, and has a more positive influence on the game. Yes...I'm a "The Glass is Half Full" guy.....
  12. I agree, better than watching re runs of the 2002 Honda Classic or whatever. It was ok.
  13. I thought he did a good job, he was sincere, and didn't cop out on a sexual addiction stuff. I never cared a hill of beans about this, I wish him nothing but the best. He will clean up his act and be a better ambassador (sp?) of the game. I always liked him but the crybaby attitude on the course was a little much for "the most mentally strong athlete in the world". Really don't see how he can have a good marriage after this, he's better off divorced and a great father and friend to his children's mother. Instead of chasing skanks he can spend more time helping the youth of this nation through his charity.
  14. JD shoots 1 under in the first round. Not Bad...
  15. exactly...TGC might have a dud in this show that is getting major billing. Jury us still out on JD's comeback, I hope he gets his game back.
  16. I just have a feeling he will return to the form when he embarrassed the field at the Masters for his first win. It's all between the ears for Tiger. He was a much more dominate player before the Marriage and Kids...which led to the strippers unfortunately. I think his anchor point will be his kids and saving his marriage on his return, golf will be his exclamation point to that. Strippers = Bad
  17. He might suprise everyone and do well in The Open is my guess. He's a draw and he's got a tv show...more power to him. I hope he can make a splash or two this year and add some excitement to the tour. No matter what you think of JD you gotta give him a pat on the back and taking some serious steps to improving his health. Much luck to him.
  18. I'm still thinking the Masters, I bet 3 rep points on it! Augusta National keeps control of the crowds, it would be an easy return for him. Plus he'd probably win anyway
  19. Your goal should be a 40 based on your handicap. Your goal should be 2 strokes under your hcap, which you should shoot every 6 rounds or so. Show up and play no doubt, they are holding the tourney and will have no problem letting a competitor play a practice round
  20. Good post...but remember he beat Tiger's ass in the last tournament of the season last year, top 30 players...how soon we forget the joint photo session of Phil and Tiger holding the season ending trophies... He will never approach Tigers record but probably really doesn't care...he sort of reminds me of Brett Favre ... "THE OLD GUNSLINGER"...rolling into town to put on a damn show! I got no problem with that.
  21. It's stupid....really With the robotic cnc milling machines of today you can count on one thing...they will find a way to make them work and spin. They might wear out after 2 rounds, but they will work for the pro's...its bullsh-t. Let them play! Last time I checked Mr. Bomb and Wedge (Bubba Watson) hasn't won a tournament.
  22. Great point it was the North Course, still with a 71 it was not an awful score. I don't know...I hope with the remaining chances he gets he can make a splash. I think with shedding the 100 pounds it has affected his touch quite obviously...if he gets it back he can score...he had a very delicate touch around the greens (really neat to see in person). What won him his 5 tournaments was his short game...not his big drives...which might have been 15 yards better than the majority of pros in contention in a tournament. The PGA Tour is in a better place if JD is midly competitive. We'll see I guess.
  23. I would do whatever you normally do for sleep and for breakfast....eat what you normally eat for breakfast, don't change it up now! Same goes for sleep. Advice for course....before every shot think to yourself...."This is going to be an awesome shot (or putt)...I wish the cameras were out here rolling tape!"
  24. He's won 37 times. I think he is the most exciting player on the tour hands down. That's the way he plays and he gets his juice on the shots he pulls off (remember that iron on #7 last year at Augusta!) When he's on... he's on, like last year at Augusta ( for about 12 holes) he was awesome. I got no problem if he throws a ginger chipper in the bag.
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