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  1. This is the second update over twelve years. I'm now over 900 courses in 48 U.S. States and 13 countries. I've photographed almost 600 courses and now have 26,000 golf course photos on my Flickr page SAbram's Golf Course photos
  2. I just saw these posts which are just a few months shy of ten years old. I did recently hit 750 courses played. Gorty, you were a fortune teller I've now played in 42 U.S. states and nine countries. I've also photographed almost 500 courses. Here's a link to my Flickr page that holds more than 20,000 golf course photoe that I've taken. Sabram's Golf Course photos
  3. Legends Heathland #14 pitcjh to green over hazard Legends Moorland #3 green
  4. I was post #4 on this thread back in 2012 and at the time had 5,000 golf course photos on my webshots page. Webshots shortly thereafter closed down. I now have 18,000 golf course photos on my Flickr page. Check it out./ Course are listed alphabetically except that the first few are the most recent ones I've photographed. sabram's golf course photos - more than 400 courses
  5. I've been to Myrtle Beach for golf trips about twenty times and have played more than 60 courses along the Grand Strand. Some of the advice on this thread is pretty wacky. If you thought that the four Barefoot courses were just "okay", you probably won't think the replacement courses that you've chosen are anything more than just "okay." Caledonia and True Blue are among the best of MB. If you are looking for a course that compares favorably to those you have to play the Dunes Club.The Dunes Club is a must play Caledonia and True Blue are at the very south end of the strand, Thistle is quite far North. Legends is in the middle. Do you really want to do so much driving? I usually focus my trips either on the south and central or the north and central, but very rarely go all the distance form Caledonia to Thistle in the same trip. Of Prestwick, Arrowhead, Tidewater, and Thistle I would guess you won't think that any are as good as Barefoot Love, Fazio or Dye except possibly Tidewater. Tidewater has a few beautiful marshland holes and a few good strategic holes, but it also has a few clunkers and the routing has long cart rides through housing. If your team walks I'd stay away. Arrowhead is scenic and always well conditioned but it is very tight with lots of water. You really need to be a straight hitter there. I like Prestwick. It has a nice variety of holes but it won't make you say wow. It was a joint effort of Pete and PB Dye and is not one of their best courses. Thistle has 27 holes and is always in good condition, but nowhere near the layout of Caledonia, True Blue or the Dunes Club. The Legends are one of the best value set of courses in MB. The Heathland courses is not a heathland at all. It is a faux links (few trees, wide fairways) and is quite good and fun to play although not very scenic. The Moorland is tougher and funkier than Heathland and also worth playing. Moorland is a love it or hate it course. Parkland is my least favorite of the three at Legends Resort, but okay. It is more tree-lined than the other two and more of a typical Carolina style course. Legends Group also operates Heritage which is down south near Caledonia and True Blue. Heritage has the look and feel of Caledonia but the Heritage greens are not as interesting as Caledonia. If you stay at the south end (True Blue has inexpensive condos to rent) you could add Heritage as a good choice to go with TB and Cally. Oyster Bay is up North in Calabash. I like Oyster Bay as much as or more than Thistle (Oyster Bay is more scenic), although they are fairly comparable courses. World Tour and Kings North are okay but If I had ten rounds to play, I'd play the Dunes 8 times, Kings North once and World Tour once. I'd also play TPC and Grande Dunes over WT or KN. Here's a link to photo tours of about 50 Myrtle Beach courses I've photographed: Myrtle Beach Course photos In addition to Caledonia, True Blue and the Dunes Club, you should consider TPC and Grande Dunes. Also, if you are going up north near Thistle, I'd suggest, Rivers Edge, Tigers Eye and Leopards Chase. If you are looking for a course to replace Arrowhead in that same area and decide not to play the Legends, consider TPC or the Witch.
  6. I can't say that this rainbow is perfectly placed, but the course (Teeth of the Dog at casa de Campo in La Romana, Dominican Republic) and my round where pretty awesome.
  7. I haven't visited this site in some time. I see I made post #15 on this thread in 2008. I have now played more than 750 courses. I have logo balls from more than 500 that I've played and have photographed almost 500 courses. Here's a link to some of my golf course photos. Theay are listed alphabetically except for the first few which I most recently photographed. sabram's golf course photos
  8. https://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/sets/72157631915266314/ Wente Vineyards pix
  9. Myrtlewood is inexpensive and won't beat up a novice golfer. A step up from that is Legends Heathland. Heathland has pretty wide fairways and not many forced carries. Heather Glen and Wild Wing are nice courses that are pretty forgiving.
  10. The Caption says that it's from Streamsong. It looks like the Blue course at Streamsong.
  11. Four courses I played last week. To see more here's a link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/sets/ Torrey Pines North Barona Creek Minnesota Valley Stone Ridge
  12. Here's a link to photos of more than 40 Orlando area courses https://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/collections/72157631972135446/
  13. I played a course called Poggio dei Medici in Scarperia. It's about 30 km north of Florence. Beautiful setting.Here's a link to photos https://www.flickr.com/photos/golfcoursepix/sets/72157647448235146/
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