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  1. Then you should also know that the people in your circle of life are your responsibility, and that a suicide is just as much your failure than it is the one that has committed the act. I firmly believe that.
  2. Yeah..it actually is a workshop. Most community centers or churches should offer one.
  3. There is plenty of training available that teaches you to detect the warning signs. Its just like anything else. You just have to be proactive in the way you go about it.
  4. Suicides are 100% preventable if loved ones act and give hope. If you don't believe me, then thats your prerogative. But dont get pious. I know from experience that intervention prevents suicides.
  5. Thats amazing...ive actually tried to hit shanks on purpose and i cant do it...
  6. Wow...thats a serious rip...haha. Its like a bubba watson swing in miniature..
  7. Sad and tragic. If you have a friend or family that commits suicide IT IS YOUR FAULT IMO. There are too many resources for this to be able to happen. Just educate yourself and learn to read the warning signs. The moment leading up to act act of suicide is a slow burn. It is 100% preventable if family or close friends intervene.
  8. I see mostly Titleist and Mizuno as well at the am tourneys i play in. The AP2's and Vokey wedges are quite popular. I dont see many hybrids either, as rebby said, but i game two.
  9. I knew i should have just listened to my TMI detector and not clicked on this thread...
  10. Mine does it by course handicap. 7 and under is championship flight, 8-13 is A, and so on.... Since we all play the same tees on the first day, a player from a lower flight also has the option of ditching their flight after the first round and play for the championship if they choose. But they forfeit the flight they came from, and we play all the way back on day 2. It will often occur that somebody from the A flight posts a good first round, and prefers to take his chances for the big trophy.
  11. Ive sorta been where tiger is. Ive cheated on a longtime girlfriend myself. Its not so much lack of care or respect for the other woman, its just an impulse that can be difficult to resist. And im just a normal dude and not a mega star that has woman throwing themselves at me daily. Im not defending the action, because it is embarrassing and degrading to the woman, but often we don't think about these things when the booty is involved.
  12. I feel bad for Furyk..but this is kinda funny.. Perhaps he should stop partying like a demon and get his priorities strait!
  13. Yeah, thats what i meant. I would just like to see a real amateur player win one again.
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