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  1. DeadMan

    NCAA Football 2019

    Michigan's offense is really, really bad. They fumble, on average, 3 times per game (and lose half of those). The offense was supposed to evolve this year and be more friendly for Patterson, but either the offense sucks or Patterson has regressed a ton. Patterson looks completely lost throwing the ball, and he will not pull in the run game. I don't know how much of that is by design, but it's bad. Defense is good, borderline really good. They're really young, and I think you're half right about the DL. The DEs are really good (especially our pass rush specialist), but the DTs are mediocre at best. They still struggle with tempo. They're getting better at defending mesh, but I don't know if it will work against superior athletes. That's the play that OSU gashed them with over and over last year. The scheme is fine, overall, though. They just can't rely on man-to-man coverage like they did against OSU last year. I could see them going anywhere from 2-4 to 4-2 over this last stretch. I don't think they have a prayer against OSU (unless Fields gets hurt, but even then, probably not). Best case is 1-1 against PSU and ND, I think. Indiana terrifies me, but we'll probably win on some bullshit like we do every year. MSU game will be unwatchable. It's not been a fun year, even though we're 5-1.
  2. DeadMan

    NCAA Football 2019

    I think Michigan will be a very stern test for OSU. Oh wait, I'm in the wrong year. It's 2019, not 1999.
  3. Has the potential to be interesting. I very much doubt it will be, though. An open account of his life would be fascinating. He's not going to get into things like what drove him to have so many affairs, what his childhood/relationship with his dad was like, the extent of his use of painkillers, etc. I'm not saying he owes us any of that, either. I would just be interested in reading about it. Not sure I'll be interested in reading this. That said, maybe if he just has a book full of interesting stories, both golf and non-golf, that could be worthwhile. I know there are good Tiger stories out there - Mark O'Meara has quite a few.
  4. I think it's a California law that requires that notice whenever there might be a carcinogen in a product. Most likely, something in the bag has been linked to cancer, so they have to provide that notice. I don't think there's much risk to you. Unless you're melting the bag to snort it or you plan on eating the bag. In that case, though, you'd have bigger problems than cancer.
  5. View from my office this morning: My backyard right now:
  6. I'm not sure we're ever going to see a guy with an amateur career like Tiger again. Tiger won 2 US Junior Ams, and 3 US Ams. Akshay was ranked 4th in the world as a 17 year old, which is incredible. He never won a Junior Am, and he didn't come all that close to winning the Am. There's so much talent in the amateur ranks now. Matt Wolff won on the PGA Tour in his 4th start. He didn't come close to winning the Am or the Junior Am (although I think he was injured for the US Am in 2018, which he would have been a favorite for). And, even with all that, guys with talents like Tiger come along once every 30 years maybe. If you think about Bobby Jones, then Jack, then Tiger, they're all about 30 years apart. The next Tiger may not be alive yet, and the next Tiger almost definitely won't dominate like Tiger did.
  7. I waiting for you to post this story. I think every round we've played, you've told me about it.
  8. Yeah, my course had a similar pin last weekend. I saw a guy make a 10 with a similar pin location. I think he technically only had 3 putts on the green, but twice he putted off the green. I managed to make a par by rattling it off the flagstick, but had it missed, I would have putted it off the green, too. Golf isn't fun when shit like that happens. Give us about 3-5 feet of reasonable slope around the cup so we can stop the ball near the hole.
  9. I like pretty much all beer (except sours and really fruity beers), and I still drink a decent amount of light beer. Sometimes, I just want something refreshing and with not many calories. A Michelob Ultra is great for that for me. Sometimes, I don't want a heavy tasting beer, either. Sure, I could get a Kolsch or something like that, and I frequently do. But a Michelob Ultra on a hot day after mowing the lawn is also great for me. I think I'm the opposite of a beer snob in some sense. While I enjoy good beer, I also don't really look down on people who drink bad beer. Except Bud Light. That shit is gross. :P
  10. Thought you bought might find this article interesting: Craft Brewers Have a Dark Secret—They Drink Light Beer Employees in the craft beer industry often spend their days tasting and analyzing heavy beers packed with flavor. Sometimes they like something... The answer for me - I don't think it's ever too early. Especially when Michigan is playing in football, because I need it!
  11. Was just coming to post the same thing!
  12. The other thing he's missing is the chance to prove that he's good enough to beat college players consistently. He hasn't played in a ton of amateur events that are open to college players, so he hasn't shown that. And if you can't beat college players, you're probably not going to be beating a bunch of touring pros. He's an incredible junior player, but who knows if he would be an incredible college player, let alone tour player. I do think that taking the Spieth route of one year of college would make a lot of sense for Akshay. But, it's not my life. And I think he got a pretty good endorsement deal from Callaway when he turned pro. He's probably pretty set for life now, regardless of whether he makes it as a touring pro.
  13. Eh, calling him a dime a dozen isn't fair to what he's accomplished. Being the #4 amateur golfer in the world as a 17 year old is pretty impressive. He's also made it to match play of the US Am twice (as a 16 and 17 year old). He's also Monday qualified for a KF Tour event. He doesn't have the amateur pedigree of someone like Spieth, but he's not too far off. It may not be enough, especially right now, to get him a PGA Tour card. But just based on his amateur results at such a young age puts him in some elite company.
  14. Do you know anything about him?
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