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  1. Canadian skins are something to look at, too. The idea is that you don't have a net birdie beat out a gross birdie. That will still favor the low handicaps, but the higher handicaps will have more of a chance than just straight-up skins.
  2. Day 35: Did some mirror work, working on my priority piece of not shifting too far off the ball from A1-A2.
  3. I've only seen Raccoon Creek. Anywhere else?
  4. Day 33: Putted for a while on conference calls. Working on the feel with my new putter, as well as a bit more speed control.
  5. Day 31: Went to the driving range for the last time for a while probably. Hit balls for about 20 minutes, focusing on not moving too much off the ball with my trigger. Then went and putted for a while, just playing around with my new Edel putter. Also putted on my mat during some conference calls.
  6. All courses in the Denver metro area are now closed. I wonder if we might see some loosening of that because golf can still be played with social distancing. But I know one of the reasons for the Denver proper closure was because the mayor saw people playing basketball and volleyball over the weekend. I doubt they'll be very tolerant of people playing any outdoor sport at this point.
  7. Day 30: Probably putted on my putting mat for about half an hour in total while on conference calls today. Also did a superspeed session.
  8. Most courses around me have closed, but some are still open. It appears that most city run courses are closed at this point, but courses that are privately run or run by a recreation district (as opposed to a city) are still open. I expect all courses to close by the end of the week.
  9. Day 29: Mirror work again. Working on not moving too much off the ball as my swing trigger.
  10. Ironically, the effect on the economy will be more severe with people ignoring social distancing advice. Governments will be forced to take harsher and harsher measures to force people to understand. It may be possible to keep things relatively steady if people limit their activities. This is not true if people go about their daily business relatively unchanged.
  11. Day 28: Did mirror work on my new priority piece. I'm working on minimizing a move I make off the ball to trigger my swing. I feel like this should be fairly easy, but it's going to require some focus at times. Mirror work was a positive step today.
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