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  1. This isn't 100% accurate for Portush, but look at the sunset in Belfast: Sunrise and sunset times in Belfast Calculations of sunrise and sunset in Belfast – Northern Ireland – United Kingdom for July 2019. Generic astronomy calculator to calculate times for... 9:50pm is sunset. And you can probably play for a while after that.
  2. One thing to check is where your impact actually is. Easiest way is to use some foot spray. Spray it on the face of your driver, and hit a couple of shots with it. You can also use impact tape, but foot spray is much cheaper. You might be hitting the ball high on the face. If you have marks on the crown of your driver, this is possible. There are a lot of things that could be going wrong to get your ball flight too high, but this will help you to see if the problem is contact or something else. That all said, it's not necessarily a bad thing to hit the ball really high. As long as the ball's not ballooning and costing you distance. PGA Tour average* with a driver is 32 yards (96 feet) - and PGA Tour average launch conditions are not ideal for distance. I think anywhere from 90 to 120 feet is fine, depending on launch conditions. That's actually really high, and there aren't many golfers out there that hit it that high. You can get on a trackman or flightscope and see how high you're actually hitting it (and measure other things like launch angle and spin, which are important for maximizing your distance with your driver). *This is from 2015, so this might have changed.
  3. Evergreen is a really good suggestion. Just be aware that it's a little quirky on a couple of holes. But you're playing in the mountains, so the beauty and the overall experience will probably make up for that.
  4. City Park’s golf course is closed right now because it’s being renovated. For 9 holes and good views, look at Homestead (back 9 is better) or Fox Hollow (Links or Canyon). Common Ground has good views, but I’m not sure they do 9 hole tee times.
  5. @Pretzel - what I have you thought of the course? I was there on Friday. It looks fairly straightforward until you get to the greens. Some of those greens complexes look crazy. 2, 15, 16, for example. I can't imagine stopping a long iron or wood on 15.
  6. Don't ever hit into anyone on purpose. I hear people talk about this shit all the time. Golf balls are dangerous and can literally kill people. Anybody who does this is an idiot and shouldn't be playing golf.
  7. I'll either give them $5 or whatever ones I have in my wallet. I don't play courses with them all that often, so I don't really mind tipping them. I'm also not very diligent about keeping my clubs clean, so I appreciate that they do a better job of it than I do.
  8. There's a local rule that allows you to get relief from immovable obstructions (which would include a sprinkler head) close to the putting green that are in your line of play. I believe the PGA Tour has this local rule in place. It's local rule F-5 if you want to look it up.
  9. This was good, although it stressed me out a bit:
  10. That should be fun. I'm heading up to watch the tournament on Friday myself. I'm actually going to be a walking scorer for the Mid-Am here in September. I don't think I'll have to collect all that data myself. I think for the Mid-Am, it's just getting the actual scores, but we'll see. Did they give you a phone/device to do this or are you using your own phone?
  11. DeadMan

    2019 Newport Cup

    I'd be happy to audit Pretzel's handicap in person. I'm sure that would satisfy everybody.
  12. You can check your status on the Masters' website to see that you got rejected.
  13. For sure. He should still enjoy it while it lasts!
  14. That was a fun game to watch as a US fan yesterday. Very stress-free. The Dutch had a game plan to keep it 0-0 as long as possible and then try to steal a goal, and it was completely undone when the US scored. It's interesting that the US were clearly the best team at the tournament, but never really played up to their full potential. I think they did in the final, but the rest of the elimination games, they didn't play great except in bursts.
  15. I take a ball out of play when it has a visible scuff on it. I normally lose the ball before that happens, but I have been saving more balls the past few years. The scuffed balls go in my shag bag.
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