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  1. Because there's a big difference between the odd typo and willful errors like yours. Why don't you just write properly, that way you won't have to deal with what you're getting (rhetorical). This thread was a good idea.
  2. Not saying I'm perfect, far from it, but I never really understood improving the lie. I mean a bad lie (unless buried in mud or plugged on the fairway) is a natural part of the game and represents an interesting challenge your chances of a reasonable contact should be respectable. If not your game needs some work .... Sometimes you lay up instead of going for the green etc but it isn't such a big deal. If you chunk, again, maybe you need to work on that steeper stroke or whatever. It's all good.
  3. Yes, but how many golf hats with U.S. Open stuff on them do you really need? :>) I wore the latest one to a gun show last weekend - maybe I interested some shooters ;)
  4. Now that you know that some people are irritated by your laziness on the keyboard, why are you still doing it? Makes you wonder what you'd be like to play with. IME the better the player truly is, the more accurate his scoring is.
  5. Methinks that SoCal Blade is pulling our chains.
  6. lol Tim missed a really short one with the broomstick today, truly ugly - he must have felt like flying away on the darned thing ....
  7. That is funny. I was thinking of our little discussion when he hit that draw. But it was with an iron, not driver .....
  8. Perhaps he only meant that T can't hit a draw as consistently and so trying to do it would introduce unnecessary risk. I don't know but it makes sense. Someone should ask Tiger why he isn't hitting more draws. "Err Tiger Sir, err, we on TST forum have been wondering why you've, err, been hitting so few draws. Is it perhaps, err, because you fear the snap hook or something .... Sir?"
  9. I missed that bit - what did Miller say exactly? Later in the day, on TGC, someone (Chambliss?) said that T. was basically only hitting cuts (no draws) and that this is a big part of his current high level of confidence. He has almost completely eliminated the miss to the left (is this true?) and so can deal with certain dangerous situations better than anyone. He certainly wasn't implying that Tiger is incapable of hitting a draw, not to me anyway. Was Miller implying this in your view? It is clear that Tiger now expects to make putts in the 15-25 ft range, I mean genuinely so. H
  10. .... and get the endorsement of the psych community. Follow the money.
  11. OK so would someone please explain to my how it is that a guy who has recently bought a golf course that is currently hosting a PGA event would show up and stand there, in the full glare of TV coverage, wearing a rumpled pair of pants ..... not to mention that hat. I look better digging weeds from the back yard. I'm sort of a fan of the Donald, in a weird kind of way. Well maybe that's the whole point: when you're that loaded, why the heck not. \digression
  12. How's about bringing back the little mounds of dirt/sand and banning the use of tees? GC length would be substantially reduced ....
  13. Good points. Actually there has been some evolution in cricket, as I alluded to (the 'limited over' game, which would take too much time to explain) and the Ozzies have led the way in many respects in making the game more appealing to the masses, and those with more limited attention spans. Very tight logic re: the groove rule. No one with any sense takes up golf because it's easy, a source of instant gratification. Personally I think that a free hour with a shrink should come with every new USGA membership .... :>) '
  14. Not possible. I believe it has been declared a National Monument.
  15. I dunno but that is funny.
  16. Fair enough. But to many, hitting a golf ball with a club that's other than freely held in the hands is a different game. Maybe give it another name and create another Tour :>)
  17. Regrettably I voted almost never. But as others have said I'm usually working on one or two things and focus my practice swings (getting the right feel) and the final swing on those. Still, it would be good to genuinely step up there as if you were on the 18th at Pebble or whatever, I just find it hard. I need to check out Erik's threads on the matter.
  18. Tx for the baseball history lesson, I know more about cricket. As inarguably the most boring sport ever invented for the inexperienced TV viewer, it's a wonder the rules haven't changed that much in the modern era (except for the 'limited over' version, I grant you). But no meenman, your argument is hopelessly weak. I'd stick with some of the other ones.
  19. Methinks SoCal has had a bad day or something. SoCal: is there anything, any single thing, you think is good about Feherty? Stern OTOH appears to be a complete jerk with no redeeming features but YMMV.
  20. Bounce flounce guys ..... I'm just psyched for today's play. That leader board is more stacked that you-know-who's you-know what!
  21. That's because I haven't argued with you ............... yet. :>)
  22. As Chamblee pointed out on TGC, Rory was uncharacteristically making many practice swings or part swings before the full stroke. But at least for the tee shot they showed in slowmo, his actual backswing in the completed stroke did not recapitulate his practice backswing, not even close. I can relate to that.
  23. True for the pro. For me, v. useful when my ball ends up among a bunch of range balls that made it through the fence.
  24. Thanks for that, hilarious. I'm an Air Counter and only an Air Counter ...... ;)
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