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  1. Played in our club championship this past weekend. Shot 89 both days from silver tees. Not that great but an ok tournament score for me and better than I did last year. Played Tuesday and shot 83 off silver which was net 70, so 2 under my cap. Played combo's Wednesday and had my best round in years with an 80, net 65 and got my first eagle since relocating after retiring. Also got 3 birdies in the same round. Played again Friday and shot 84, net 72 with a couple of birdies. Leaving the driver out of the bag for the last few rounds has certainly helped in the penalty department. I recent
  2. I got so frustrated with the dings, especially wedges, that I used a small sanding wheel on my dremel to clean them up. Also used my belt sander for some of the other badly nicked soles. Not talking chrome here. Just regular satin finish forged. Works real well and fast and buff with 3m pad afterwards. I play a lot and use them a lot. They are close to 5 years old and was looking to replace them but not in a rush as they turned out well and are showing dings already again. Iron covers ??
  3. was trying to choose between V2 and Game Golf and decided on Shot Scope so I could get GPS as well. I actually got one off a buddy but didn't like the bulkiness but when they announced V3 last January I pre-ordered. I got it about 10 days ago and have 6 rounds on it. I think it's great so far, a few minor wrinkles for me with putting but I don't have hardly any missed shots. I also got a new 3W this week and can already see the differences in dispersion and distance compared to the old one. I am finding it is really showing my areas that need work, as well as which clubs are more accurate fo
  4. When I got home from my round today, there was a new 3W waiting 😀 Mizuno ST190 TS. The shaft seems a lot firmer than my current 3W and its 75g vs the 60g I have. I was recommended the same weight/flex at a recent demo/fitting and hit it well. I can't get to the range till tomorrow before my round but couldn't wait to hit it, so took a few shots into my backyard net. Hit it solid and pretty close to the middle of the face every time so hopefully it's a little more stable and works well.
  5. I bought myself a new 3W. I use my 3W a lot. Tees, fairways etc.
  6. Showed up Tuesday and I played with it on Wednesday. The GPS worked great, was accurate and updated quickly etc. It did a good job of tracking all my shots. I had to do a bunch of editing due to forgetting to tag a few penalties, as well as a few putts etc but otherwise was pretty accurate. Played with it again Friday and uploaded the round but I can't find it to check and edit. I'm sure support will help me sort it, they seem pretty responsive. The watch is a lot smaller than the previous model and is comfortable and light at 40g. It charges fast and looks like getting 10hrs of GPS and
  7. Spent a couple of hours practicing Sunday with my driver, which has been really hurting my score. Played with settings and grip, as well as slight swing change. Went out and shot 39, 45 for 84 off blue tees, best ever front 9 from that tee. Only one blow up on the back. Sure hope I can retain it as it will really help my game.
  8. We were just talking about that the other day. Wouldn't help much where I golf, with lots of impenetrable rough and water. One of my friends likes to count how many balls I lose a round, I tell him that's ok and I wouldn't lose many if I only hit the ball as far as he does, lol
  9. We have been playing with the raised cups and I found putting easier most times. I did find any putts really close to the edge would quite frequently "miss" likely due to the slightly raised turf around the protrusion. You generally know if it would have been in or not. Some of our games it had to stay within a putter length to be counted as "in". We have since moved to the noodles in the hole, which I generally prefer. It did cost me a stroke recently when I hit a nice chip off the fringe from 25' and it rolled through the cup 2' due to the hole being so shallow. At least we are playing
  10. 46,41 for 87 off blue tees today, no 3 putts. One birdie but should have been two. Our course went to noodle inserts and I chipped a 9i in from about 25-30' but it rolled through on the high side and finished 2ft past the hole. Because it was a group skins game my partners wouldn't allow it but it would have stayed in if the hole was deeper imo.
  11. Shot 45,44 with 29 putts for another 89 yesterday. I had one eight on each nine so that didn't help. I don't think the changes I have been making in my swing this last month or so are helping my scores. i am striking the ball so much better but scores aren't coming down. I am hopeful that it will pay off as the changes require less thoughts.
  12. 40, 45 for 85 off blue tees today. Used my driver 6 times today and only one cost me a penalty. One birdie. 13 putts front, 15 back and no 3 putts. Good score for me off these tees.
  13. I put that I would not pay. Mostly because I have looked at a lot of online help, as well as have taken quite a few clinics and private lessons. I have found that for me, the best results come from one on one instruction. Not saying that won't change as I progress in my golfing though, always open to new ideas.
  14. 45,40 today playing blue/silver combo. Quite a relief after Friday's disaster. Ball striking was good and only two penalties. 27 putts including one 3 putt. Two birdies on a couple of the par 5's......because I didn't hit driver off the tee, lol
  15. after working on a few drills this morning, I went out today and had an atrocious round. 47,54 for 101. First time I have been over 100 since Sept last year. I thought in the 90's was bad and then this grenade today. Penalty after penalty. Couldn't hit driver, which was the main reason and I was too stubborn to give up on it. Just when I was having some good rounds too. Taking a few days off.
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