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  1. Glad to see tiger is 4 back, I cant wait to see what sunday brings.
  2. Some of my buddies and I play "the wedge game". We have about 5 flags within 75 yards that we have to make inside a 10 yard wide pad, we play a points system with it too, 3 if you hole out 2 if you make the 3 foot pad around the flag and 1 if you make the 10 yard wide pad, oh and deduct a point if you miss all together. Makes for some good ole fun.
  3. I dont know what it is about his swing but when I seen him at last years childrens miracle network classic it sure looked better in person than it does on tv. He can really hit the ball far as small as he is!
  4. Ya I played in it today and it sucks, just because its hard to judge which club to hit and how hard. But its golf I guess lol.
  5. I voted Rory mainly because he was someone Ive been keeping an eye on before ricky came out. Now that they are both playing pga events this year that will be the true answer. Not to mention I walked about 7-8 holes with fowler at the childrens miracle network classic and this kid has more touch with his short game than most, deff gonna be hard to beat.
  6. 10 -> 5 handicapp is all about consitancy, hitting fairways and greens, and getting up and down from awkward places. 5 -> 0 handicap is consistancy and making putts, alot of scratch golfers are going out to shape shots too, it allows them to "set up" for birdie ops. 0 -> +5 handicapp now thats a test in its own right. I really shouldnt be answering to this one but owell heres my opinion. They Putt like crazy stuffing anything from a 40ft lag to a 25yrd pitch within 5-8 feet. Every shot has just about the same trajectory and shape, unless they are working it a certain way this draws a line
  7. So mike does it, crazy, I think tony had it until he hit cart path and went into the water... sucks for him.
  8. Bro you and I think alike! Im in the process of finding a 1 iron blade for a training aid, if I can hit that well I can hit anything well and that gives me confidence.
  9. I live in the lakeland area and there are a bunch of courses around here that do it on a weekly basis. Honestly Im just realizing that I could make more money from side bets and weekly roundups like these than mini tours lol . If your interested you could come out on saturdays over here and get started the course I play at is huntington hills golf club.
  10. From the replies I take it these are some serious sticks, just so happends I have a KZG certified fitter and dealer about 45 mins from my house. I think Im goin to go check these guys out, thanks guys.
  11. So I know a little about this brand of golf clubs but not much, pretty much that they are very expensive and rare. I was playing in a tourney the other day and my playing partner had a set of the thinest blades from this maker and he was 62!!! Just wondering if anyone on this site has had experience from them, I did some research and from what they say the metal they use and the double forging process makes these clubs some of the best on tour, but why dont we see more of them in that case? http://www.kzgolf.com
  12. Go to youtube and type in High-tech golf lesson. Watch the video with the stanford girl and her coach its just what you are talking about. Golf tech calls it the xfactor and they have a sensor to put you on that pretty much beeps when your shoulders turn enough telling you to start the downswing, just to stop you from over turning.
  13. yes just call up the head pro at any course in your area and ask them if they have skins and pins or 2 a side or any time of weekly payout roundup. The format for 2 a side is based on points, you pay 20 bucks to get in and 5 more for skins on the side. They asign you a certain amout of points based on your handicap and that is your "par" per say. Im an 8 handicap and they assign me 30 points to gather up in my round, 1 bogey 2 par 3 birdie and idk what eagle is, but once you finish up your round and say you get 6 points over your assigned points then you could when about $150 or even more it j
  14. Ron is well known around my area love the playability his designs have!!
  15. I play in a weekly tourny its a 2 a side format and its based on points. You should check it out at any of the courses near you because the payout isnt bad, there is also skins, closest to the pin, and a honey hole which usualy gets up to about 400 bucks.
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