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  1. Photos of these babies would be highly appreciated. These BStones are a member of my holy trinity in irons. (Mizuno-Srixon-Bridgestone)
  2. Hahahaha, no dude, that wasn't the case, though that's not totally far from what happens sometimes. I hit my 2nd shot fat (my most common mishit) so it went like, 30 yards (6 iron), so I was left inside the dreaded gap in which if I hit a full 56* I am too short, if I hit a full PW I am too long, and a half PW is a shot I prefer not to do. So I just hit a full (and beautiful) PW that landed at the far end of the green and the cup was at the front of the green. I just went to the putt hoping to god I don't 3 putt it, surprisingly it sank!
  3. No. That was my final practice round before the event. I'm going to Cairo tommorow, the event is on Friday. I will be bringing photos and videos. It's raining like **** now, hope it does not rain on Friday.
  4. I just sank in two long putts with my G5i Ally putter today. The first a 20 footer for birdie, the second a 40 footer for an up-and-down par.
  5. Forget about Texas. Pump in some more cash and a week or so and come to Egypt. We have some fabulous courses around the country, and I don't need to talk about the weather. Last year we were having a Christmas Scramble match in late December, and the prizes for the first 3 places were big baskets of candy and chocolate. We were concerned the chocolate would melt in the sun by the time the prizes were awarded. Enough said.
  6. On two consecutive holes. First one a par 3, scored a birdie, 2nd one a par 4, up and down for par. The feeling as the ball moves swiftly across the green, breaks towards the flag and suddenly vanishes out of sight. Beautiful!!
  7. They are not really that beat up, but the camera's flash exaggerates things a little bit. Our course is not that clean as well, small pebbles and the likes are very common.
  8. I am loving how these clubs are aging. Wear is just a normal part of the golf experience and I love how every nick and scratch on these clubs stand for a shot I have made myself, even the scratches on the heel or the toe, they remind me of my mishits. (unlike used clubs).
  9. That's what I'll do. I'll just hit the range on Wednesday for the last time before the match on Friday. And I will not hit any balls on the day of the match.
  10. Go for them. You're almost a single figure, you should be able to manage with them.
  11. Wow, I'm playing some of the worst golf right now. I'm shanking and hitting fat (specially the latter) like there's no tommorow. Not a very good sign.
  12. Just different models. Not much of a difference really. You know Taylormade. The r7 limited has variable weight technology (like the R9), as well as the r7 CGB max.
  13. Everything is made in China now days. My HiBore XLS had a sticker on the shaft saying "Head made in China, Shaft made in the USA, assembled in the USA", and the new TM R9 driver not only has the head made in China but it's shaft as well. The only things not made in China today are Mizuno iron heads (the forged ones) and some PING putters. Other than that, everything else is Chinese.
  14. Bah, don't bother. It's not worth it. It will get scratched and scuffed sooner or later. My less than 3 months old HiBore XLS's paint is starting to come off at the edges. Indeed, I have played more than 60 rounds or something since I got it, but sooner or later these things happen. It's a piece of equipment that you are swinging at 90 mph at a solid object. It HAS to wear off.
  15. Srixon I701s. Bridgestone J36 pocket cavity or cavity back irons. These are pretty good, forgiving, and sell for less than $500.
  16. It's starting to get good for golf as far as weather goes here. I can play all year so I can't complain, but in winter it's usually better. I prefer to play in cold, rainy, cloudy conditions than playing in the heat of the summer. And by cold I mean no less than 14C. It never gets lower than that.
  17. Well, the head cover is made in China, and the driver itself is made in China as well.
  18. A friend just bought a Rife Hybrid 2 Bar Mallet today, and I gave it a try. Very smooth feeling, beautiful roll on the ball and I just loved it. I think I will consider a Rife putter next time I buy a putter.
  19. Love them. I am on my first set of Mizuno irons and I think I'm sold for life.
  20. Nothing against Callaway really, I gamed the X-14s for a year, and while I never broke 100 with them, I still do not blame them for my bad play. The main reason for my steering away from Callaway maybe is that almost everybody at our club plays Callaway that I am sick of seeing Callaway clubs and bags everywhere.
  21. They look nice, you will be shredding and murdering a lot of balls though.
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