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  1. I think its time to get fit for a putter. I mentioned Irons in my last post, but honestly I think a good putter will last me a hell of a lot longer than a set of irons so it would be a more worthwhile investment. I also want to get the FlightScope Mevo because I have a hard time keeping track of my iron distances. As I've become more and more confident with my swing I'm hitting the ball further and further. For example, 155 used to be my go to stock 8 iron distance, but now I'm sending my 8 iron well past the hole when I hit it from 155.
  2. +9 79 today. A Triple, 2 doubles and a grouping of holes where i went birdie-bogey-bogey twice. The putter failed me today, I only hit 11/18 of the greens. 5 of the 7 times I missed a green, I made bogey or worse. Twice I was on the green from 30+ feet and 3 putted for bogey. I had 5 or 6 good looks at bird, all inside 15 feet, 2 were shorter than 10 feet and I sank both for birdie. Missed more fairways than I hit, but thats misleading since the fairways tend to swerve left and right so a good shot can still land in the rough. I was hitting my start line with driver, and fading it a little bit. Im pleased with the score considering how bad I truly played in terms of GIR and putts.
  3. Got off work early so I gave this a try... I really underestimated how hard it would be after 9 feet. I got to 12 with 4 balls and missed 3 and made it to 15 with one ball and the pressure of having one ball got to me and i pushed the putt like 5 inches right of the hole. Definitely a good drill.
  4. When I start playing bad I just remind myself that even touring professionals shoot in the 80’s because this game is stupidly hard. Granted they’re playing courses that are a lot tougher than what I play, but knowing even the best of the best golfers struggle helps me relax. Once I calm down I usually forget about the bad holes and play better.
  5. I used to, then my pro told me this quote: “The master has failed more times than the student has even tried” and reminded me of how many horrible shots players like tiger woods had to hit in able to fine tune his swing. Besides, the range is for practice yes but it’s also about having fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re going about it the wrong way. Try some shots you’ve always wanted to master. Try stinging the ball 5 feet off the ground but it flies like 160 in the air. Try hitting massive hooks and slices but also hitting high and low ones as well. Just have fun man, soon enough you’ll forget anyone else is even around.
  6. Technically yesterday but a 45-41 86. I played bad, no excuse. Poor shot execution. Even topped a couple balls, one on a par 5 to leave myself 155 in, one off the tee on a par 4 which left me 315 out, and one with a wedge from 87 yards because i got into my own head thinking about swing thoughts instead of just swinging and thinking about the number. The topped balls were only on the front 9, so it didn’t get in my head too much.
  7. I absolutely despise hitting my wedges out of digits. My distance control is messy with my wedges as it is, but put me in a divot and it’s over. Another trouble spot is really short bunker shots.. I always flub them and land on the lip or hit them way too far. Putts in the 12-20 foot range, i always tend to roll 5 or more feet past and put pressure on myself to make a return putt. Driving holes where you can’t miss to either side, a decent percent of the time I end up trying to take a shorter club to keep the ball in play then just hitting a terrible shot out of play either direction anyway. The 80-100 yard range with my wedges sucks.
  8. I agree, however if your driver isn’t just “missing the fairway” and is ending up in the woods or in hazards/OB, then teeing off with an iron is a smarter play. I personally think the PGA tour stat is misleading for high handicap golfers. Missing a fairway is one thing but costing penalty strokes before even getting off the tee is another.
  9. 43-37 for an 80. Another round where I ruin my scorecard in the first 3 holes. Went 8 over through 3. It was bad.. Hole 1 I striped my driver but aimed too far to the right since my typical shot is a pull draw. Proceeded to bode the wedge over the green, hit a tree, then get stuck behind another, chipped to the side to give myself an angle, bladed the chip across the green then chipped to about 6 feet and missed the putt for a 7. Hope 2 I drove it into the water because to be fair I gunned the hazard and my range finger said 315 and I thought I didn’t have a chance of hitting it but upon reaching the hazard I shot back to the golfer behind me and it said 265 so I’m not sure what I actually gunned. Re-Teed into the rough, left myself 165 out into the wind I hit a 7 iron and smoked it by the green, hit the cart path and went in the water behind the green. dropped behind the green shot to about 4 feet and sank the putt for a 9. I then made 4 pars, a bogey and a birdie. +8 front. Made the turn and immediately bogeyed, made 6 pars in a row, then birdied the 17th and double bogeyed to finish. +2 back. +10 80.
  10. I don’t like to tinker with balls too much as I feel my short game severely relies on consistency. I’ve tried swapping between the ProV1 and ProV1x a few times and always come back to the X. If I’m not in a tournament I play the cheaper counterpart of the AVX to save money. If I’m playing how I should I maybe lose a ball a round and I’d likely switch because a ball gets too worn before I switch for another reason. Though, I have had a few stretches in the past year where I really start to hook the ball and lose balls like crazy. If that happens I’ll play whatever I can find on the course and/or some of the various range balls I keep in my bag just in case. I wish I were truly good enough to not worry about losing a ton of balls, but I’m human.
  11. I wonder if you might have been better off not getting them shortened, but instead just gripping down that extra distance for all shots. You may have just found a comfortable spot on the grip.
  12. You talked bad about a golfer I like now i’m going to hurl personal insults at you because my feelings are hurt!!!! No, but seriously. Even with today’s finish removed I don’t think he was ever “overrated.” But definitely “overhyped.” His WGR was fair, but too many people would talk non stop about his ballstriking and ability to work the ball but he’s a professional.. I’d hope those things are good...
  13. It’s quite possible that your body is just reacting to the weight being in a different place. I wouldn’t bet my money on it, and I’d assume it’s more of a confirmation bias/placebo effect type thing going on.
  14. I shot a 39/37 for a +6 76 and during the round i was frustrated but afterwards it felt like I shot -6. Most of my strikes were abysmal but my short game saved me and gave me quite a few chances to save par, but my putting really cost me. I had way too many 3 putts. The first couple holes i had an excuse because honestly the greens were nowhere near as slow as the practice green but after about 3 holes it was boiled down to me making bad strokes. One hole I’m proud of is a 196 yard par 3 i took a 6 iron and hit it high on the face and came up short in the water then damn near holed out my 3rd shot from the tee and walked away with bogey. Man, I can really feel my game coming together but I need to keep practicing. I HATE when i mishit the ball. I can deal with directional misses but I hate it when I don’t hit the center of the face.
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