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I started playing about 15 yrs. ago.  All my basketball buddies started playing golf so I did too. I have always followed golf since the ABC Wide World of Sports Golf Specials with Mr. Palmer, Nicklaus, Trevino. ... 

I got serious about golf a couple of years ago.  I took lessons and achieved my goal of breaking 100.  Then I broke 90 last year.  My next goal of course is to consistently play in the high eighties low 90’s on all courses.

My wife plays also and it is nice to go out Sunday afternoon and knock it around. 

I have learned much from this forum, mostly clubface control.  Very important.  It cured my slice and increased my distance.  I also listen to Hank Haney on siriusxm radio.  His tips on course management have helped bring down my scores.  

Thx for this forum. 

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